Easy Wine Bottle Planter for Succulents

If you're looking for a unique container for your succulents, try planting them in this wine bottle! It's sure to make a statement! 

You'll want to start by planning out your arrangement. I like to place them in their approximate locations while still in their pots so I can move them without making too much of a mess.



Pull the succulents out of their pot and gently remove as much of the soil as possible. If you happen to pull off some of the roots in the process don't worry! Your succulent will survive just fine. 

Remove soil

Remove soil

This will ensure you have enough soil to fill the planter without adding more later, but also allows some wiggle room to put the succulents in without the soil spilling over the edge. 

Fill the planter with soil

I've found it's easiest to start an arrangement by planting in the center. In this case, I planted the larger Echeveria in the center and nestled the roots in the soil until they were completely covered. 

Start planting in the center

At this point you'll want to add the other large or focal point succulents.

Add other large succulents

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