7 Worst Mistakes Beginning Succulent Growers Make

While succulents can be low maintenance, there's a few mistakes most people make when they start growing that end up causing disappointment and frustration.  

Many people assume that they can take care of succulents just like normal house plants. But succulents have completely different watering needs and often need more sunlight and airflow than other plants. 

Treating Like Houseplants

Not all succulents are suited for indoor growing, even if you have grow lights. Some also like more water than others. Starting out with the wrong kind of succulent for your climate is the quickest way to kill your new plants. 

Wrong Succulents

Most succulents are considered "full sun" meaning they need at least 6-8 hours of bright, indirect sunlight outside during the day. Even a very bright window sill isn't usually enough. 

Not enough light

Succulents need their soil to dry out before getting watered again. Using a pot without a drainage hole makes this extremely difficult, especially if the pot is very deep. 

Non-Draining Pot

Most succulents are sold in soil that is too dense and organic for long term growth and success in your home. It's best to repot your new succulents in a gritty succulent soil. 

Wrong Soil

While it's true that succulents are generally drought tolerant, this doesn't mean they don't ever need to be watered. Using the proper watering method will help, but don't ignore them completely or they will dry up and die. 

Ignoring them completely

Even as low maintenance as succulents can be, having too many makes it difficult to give them all the proper attention they need. Starting with a few plants will help ensure long term success.  

Too many at once

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