Why the right soil is critical for healthy succulents (and what to use)

Having well draining soil is crucial for growing healthy succulents. In this post you'll learn the perfect succulent soil recipe and where to buy the components.

The perfect succulent soil will look "gritty" rather than fine like most other soils. Use 2/3 inorganic (rock-like) materials and 1/3 organic materials (such as pine bark fines). 

Criteria for “Good” Succulent Soil

Using the right soil is extremely important for the health of indoor succulents. Use a soil with a large particle size, roughly 1/4" (6mm). 

The Perfect Indoor Succulent Soil

You can buy a gritty soil with large particles and the perfect blend of organic and inorganic materials ready-to-go. Tap the link to get more details about it. 

Pre-mixed option

The gritty mix may dry too quickly for outdoor succulents. You can add some coconut coir to help it stay wet longer while still preventing your succulent's roots from rotting.

Soil for Outdoor, Potted Succulents

To help you even further, click the link below to download my free cheat sheet to see what it looks like when your succulents need more or less water.

Tap the link below to learn more about the perfect succulent soil recipe.