How to Plant Succulents to ensure they thrive

If you've been wondering how to plant succulents to ensure they grow long and happy lives, this is the post for you! This step-by-step photo tutorial for planting newly purchased succulents will help give you a good foundation for your next succulent garden! 

Before I get to the step by step planting tutorial, make sure you have all the supplies you'll need. Tap the link below to check out the essential supplies for planting succulents. 

There are various times it's necessary to repot your succulents. The first is right after you buy them. A lot of times nurseries will grow succulents in a very organic soil that doesn't drain well. 

When to repot succulents

The first step of successful succulent planting is to get rid of the nursery pot and remove as much soil as you can. Nurseries almost always plant their succulents in soil that's way too dense and retains too much water.  

Remove Your Pot and Soil

Mesh tape works well because it allows for water to flow out easily, but will still hold in most of the soil. You'll probably get some “dust” falling out, but that's normal. 

Place Mesh Over the Drainage Hole

Before you place your succulent in the pot you've chosen, fill it almost (but not quite) to the top with succulent soil.  

Fill Your Pot Almost to the Top

Tap the link below for the full tutorial on planting succulents.