Huntington Desert Garden

If you've ever wanted to visit somewhere that felt like a fairy-tale, the Huntington Library Gardens won't disappoint. You could easily spend hours in just the Desert Garden, one of 15 themed gardens maintained by the library

Perfectly planted among the lava rock was a river of Echeveria elegans, also called Mexican Snowball. These delicate succulents provided a soft contrast to the jagged rocks. 

Elegant Echeveria

I've grown a number of Sempervivum and trailing Sedums, but these were much larger than most I've seen. This potted arrangement was perfectly balanced with just enough variety to keep it interesting. The variegated Aloes were new to me. 

Potted Perfection

Throughout the garden there are large sections with one or two individual species. I've grown a few Crassula falcata (Propeller Plant) but never seen so many of them growing so tall. This is an unusually shaped plant but fun to see in large numbers.

Propeller Plant

You couldn't walk very far through the garden without encountering huge Aloes. Frequently they were surrounded by Blue Chalksticks Senecio too. It almost looked like ocean waves with large sea urchins floating through.

Aloes, oh my!

Upon walking into the garden there was a group of potted succulents. While not the main attraction, these fully grow specimens were much larger than most I had seen. 

Large, fully mature plants

These Aeonium hybrids were all throughout the garden as well. They looked like polka dots on the hillside with the bright green centers and dark red outer leaves. 

Oceans of Aeoniums

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