Pruning and Maintaining a Succulent Arrangement

Pruning succulents from time to time can help prevent rot, encourage new growth, and help your succulents live longer healthy lives. Learn how and when to prune your succulents here! 

To help you even further, click the link below to download my free cheat sheet to see what it looks like when your succulents need more or less water. 

Use your fingers to gently pull away these dead leaves. You may even notice some new growth on the stem. Removing the leaves may also help encourage new growth along the stem. 

Regular maintenance

Succulents generally do best if they are pruned at the beginning of their growing season, however, you can prune anytime. Pruning them allows to refresh the arrangement without having to buy more plants. It's a great way to get more plants! 

When to prune

While scissors are the only thing you need, I generally have a few other things on hand, including:  - Long handle tweezers  - Towel  - Chopstick  - Tray 

Tools for Pruning

The first thing you'll want to do is decide which succulents you want to leave in tact and which need their heads chopped off.  

Beheadding succulents

Remove any dying plants to make room for the new cuttings you've taken. Dying plants or dead plants can actually cause problems in the arrangement.  

Removing dead plants

Tap the link below to see full details on how and when to prune your succulents.

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