Stonecrop Sedums for Cold Hardy Succulent Gardens

If you're looking for a great succulent to fill the tricky areas in your yard that can survive the frosts of winter, you'll definitely want to get some Stonecrop Sedums! 

Sedums planted in rocks were pretty common on the garden tour. These Sedum spurium had filled in a large gap between these rocks. 

I love the way this mix of Sedums looked between this cement seating area and the wood wall behind it. Are you catching the trend here? Sedums can grow in just about any nook and cranny and they do really well. 

One of my favorite gardens was filled with fun succulent creations. They were everywhere! One of my favorites was this old adding machine with Sedums and Sempervivums in it. 

I may be a bit biased, but it seems that succulents can make anything look better. 

I thought this table centerpiece filled with succulents was awesome! The outdoor seating area itself was beautiful and the succulents added a nice touch of green to the display. 

Tap the link below to learn more about Stonecrop Sedums.