What to do when your succulents get knocked over and spill

If you've grown plants for very long, you've likely bumped over a pot or two.  While you might be tempted to throw everything in the trash, this is actually a great new beginning for succulents that can result in more plants than you started with. 

Many succulents propagate easily from leaves. So when your beloved plant spills, make sure to keep any of the leaves that got knocked off or broken and propagate them! Soon you'll have more of your favorite plant than you started with. 

It's a proportunity!

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're giving a succulent the perfect amount of water -- not too much and not too little. The best way to tell is by looking at the roots. This is the perfect time to check!

Examine the roots

Cleaning up the pieces of ceramic is sad, especially if the pot was handmade or expensive. However, this is also an opportunity to purchase a fun new pot for your plant!

Excuse to buy a new pot

If the original pot didn't break into a bunch of small pieces, it can likely be pieced back together like a puzzle. There's a beautiful Japanese technique for ceramic repair called Kintsugi that is beautiful and embraces imperfection. 

Repair the original pot

It's possible that when your succulent fell, some of the pieces broke off and it could be left looking a little lopsided. If this is the case, it's a great time to prune your succulent and give it a new shape!

Prune it to a new shape

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