How to Have a Fruitful Vegetable Garden in a Small Space

Just because you don't have a lot of room doesn't mean you can't grow fresh vegetables.  There are many vegetables that will grow in containers or a small garden bed. Learn how to set up your own vegetable garden even if your space is limited.

Choose veggies that will grow well in the space you have. For example, planting cucumbers, peas, or beans on wall planters is a great use of vertical space.

Choose the Right Vegetables

Raised beds work well for many small garden areas. If you're using pots, make sure they have plenty of drainage and are deep enough to provide plenty of room for roots to grow.

Select Appropriate Containers

For most vegetables, you'll want to make sure you're watering enough that the soil stays damp, but not sopping wet. Make sure all planters have large drainage holes to allow excess water to flow out.

Adaquate Drainage

To maximize space, it can be helpful to plant smaller or faster-growing plants near larger or slower-growing plants. Lettuce or radishes can work well between tomatoes and peppers. 


You already have limited space, so don't let weeds take up any room! It's important to regularly look for weeds and pests to keep your garden healthy. If you're growing climbing or vining plants, make sure they have proper support as they grow.

Regular Maintenance

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