How to Move Succulents Long Distances

It can be tricky to move your succulents to a new home. These tips will help the moving process go smoothly and safely. 

First, it makes the pots extra heavy. Second, generally succulents don't get as much airflow in a car or truck and the soil won't dry out as quickly. This can quickly cause your succulents to rot. 

Don't water before moving

This is one trick I wish I had learned a long time ago. I have a lot of small pots of succulents. I've had such a hard time transporting them in such a way that they stay upright during the whole move.  

Contain small containers

The type at the top left is especially nice for moving multiple pots and preventing them from tipping. So, take a look under the tables the next time you're at a nursery or ask someone if you don't see any. 

Use nursery flats and trays

I've recently started planting some of my succulents in these felt grow bags. They are awesome! It makes moving succulents so easy because the bags are very sturdy and have handles. 

Planters with handles

Big pots can be tricky to maneuver. I have two items that make moving large pots (or a lot of pots) so much easier: – A plant dolly/trolley – A flat bed cart (with attachable tub)

Use a plant dolly or cart

Tap the link below to learn more about how to move succulents long distances.