Yes, you can grow succulents outside in these states!

Many people think of succulents as beautiful house plants but don't realize they can be grown outside year round in many parts of the United States.  Not every succulent is suited for outdoor growing in every state so here's a list of states and some of the succulents you can expect to grow outside year round there.

Robert G. is growing Sempervivums (also called "hens and chicks") outdoors in the ground all year long. Some of these rosette succulents are hardy down to Zones 3 and 4. They do better in the ground than in pots.

New York

Colorado resident Mary B. told us, "My Sempervivum are outside all year round, I also have a rock wall with Sedums and other succulents planted. 


Succulent grower Karen G. says, "I leave [my hens and chicks] outside where they get rain or snow and in a pot that won't freeze and break. They come back every year."

West Virginia

Carol C. in Pennsylvania told us: "I decided to put rocks in the really bad spaces; and then decided to plant hardy Sedum along with various varieties of Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks.


Rhonda S. is growing a lot of succulents. She says, "I try to stick with succulents in Zone 9 so I don't have to bring in for the winter. I have probably close to 100 potted succulents and cactus so names are hard to come by.


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