How to Propagate Cactus Pads

Cactus are starting to gain popularity, and it's no wonder! They are very waterwise and some can be easily rooted from just a single pad. Learn how in this post! 

Start by putting on gloves and getting your tongs ready. Simply grab a cactus pad with your tongs and break it off of the main plant.  

Removing Opuntia Pads

If you find it difficult to remove the pad by just pulling it of, use a sterile sharp knife and cut one of the pads off. It's important your knife is clean so the cut doesn't become infected. You'll want to let this cut dry out completely and heal before placing it on soil. 

If you're getting a lot of cuttings like I did, it's a good idea to label them somehow so you know which plants are going where. Then you don't just have a mystery plant in your garden down the road. 

Label the Pads

Start by filling up several pots with soil. It's best if your pots are larger than the cactus pads since they will get bigger. 

Fill Pots with Soil

Once your pots are ready to go, lay the cactus pads on top of the soil. Just lay them flat, right on top of the soil. It's really that easy! 

Place pads on top of soil

Tap the link below to see full details on how  to propagate cactus pads.