Why you should gift succulent arrangements for special occasions

While a bouquet of flowers is beautiful, they don't last long. Next time you think about picking up a bouquet, grab a succulent arrangement instead! 

Unless you're buying a really cheap bunch of flowers, a floral arrangement can cost anywhere from $30 to over $100! Especially if you're buying them during peak times like Valentine's Day, Graduation, Christmas, etc. the prices can be quite high. 

Similar price

A bouquet will die within a few days, maybe a week if you're lucky. There's no avoiding it. But, a succulent arrangement can last months without being taken care of! 

No Care Required

It's totally fine if your arrangement dies in the end. You can always and replant the pot. Then you also get to try some new varieties. 

It's ok if it dies

If you really want to get the most out of your succulent arrangement, just put a little bit of effort into caring for it and it can last for years! 

You can keep it alive too

Roses and daisies are great, but succulents have so much more variety and diversity. Plus, the prices don't skyrocket around holidays like flowers generally do. 

It's more unique

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