How to Make a Succulent Ball Topiary

After seeing the beautiful succulent topiary balls at the Succulent Celebration in June I knew I wanted to try making one. I am so in love with the products by Topiary Artworks that I knew I wanted to buy from them again. I opted to go with the 4″ sphagnum moss ball, not too big, not too small. 

Here's What You Need:

– Sphagnum moss ball – Scissors – Greening pins – Optional: Floral glue

Green Curved Line

Start by soaking the ball in water. It's nearly impossible to work with dry. Just like with the succulent wreath, I used scissors to poke holes in the ball and then inserted the cuttings.  

Since the ball was going to be hanging from day one these greening pins were my best friend! The ball would have come apart completely without them. You can either slide them in around the cutting or poke them right through the stem and into the ball. 

When you are making the topiary ball be sure to start at the bottom! You can start working on a tabletop surface and put as many cuttings on as you can before needing to hang the ball. 

Once you get to a point where you can't turn the ball any more without having it rest on an area that has already been planted, find a place to hang it up. 

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