These Flowers Dry Easily and Make Great Long-Lasting Decor

Keeping fresh flowers in your home can get expensive and they often end up dying or not looking good after a few days.  Some flowers can easily be dried and preserved, so you can have beautiful flowers in your home without any upkeep. 

The light and papery petals of Statice flowers are vibrant colors and can be preserved extremely easily. You'll find them in a wide range of colors including pink, purple, yellow, and blue. If you're new to drying flowers, these are a great option to start with. 


Gypsophila, or Baby's Breath, is a flower commonly used in arrangements as an accent or filler between larger flowers. It has tiny, white clusters of flowers on long branches and stems. These flowers are easily preserved by drying.

Baby's Breath

Lavender is known for its fragrant purple flowers that have a calming effect. This flower preserves well and can be used ornamentally as well as for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. 


If you're looking for a brightly colored flower that dries well, Globe Amaranth is a great option. These long-lasting flowers have a papery texture that preserves well. 

Globe Amaranth

These friendly-looking yellow flowers are great for drying and preserving. You're mostly likely to find them in bright yellow, but orange and pink are options as well. These easily maintain their shape when dried and work well for creating dried floral bouquets. 


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