How To Make Money Selling Succulents

Selling completed succulent arrangements is a great way to make some money doing what you love! This post will help you learn how to get started. 

There are a few different places you can sell succulents online. Each has their benefits and disadvantages. Let's look at a few together! 

Platforms for Selling Succulents

This platform is a great way to test the waters and see if you enjoy selling succulents, and see what resonates with people. You can join a variety of succulent selling Facebook groups. Tap the link below to see few of my favorite succulent selling groups. 


Etsy takes care of all the hard stuff for you: taking payments, sales tax, well designed sales pages, and even an audience! 


Similar to Etsy, Amazon Handmade is an online shopping platform that allows makers to sell their creations. Amazon is a huge platform so there is definitely an audience there if you're able to get ranked in the searches. 

Amazon Handmade

This is definitely the most complicated path of the rest, but it's also rewarding because it's completely your own. There are services like Shopify that make it easy to setup your own shop on your own URL.

Start Your Own Website

Tap the link below to see full details on how to make money selling succulents.