Great Flower Photography Tips

Learn how to take better photos of succulents and other flowers no matter your skill level. You'll also find out how to take better photos in harsh lighting too which is great for travel photography!

Succulents have such amazing geometric forms and sometimes just crazy textures and colors. Try getting in nice and close to capture some of those details. 

Get in close

Get in close

This next succulent plant is just crazy. Again, from far away you wouldn't be able to tell what's going on. Maybe you can't up close either.

Try to find an angle where the light is hitting your flower from the side or behind. This will involve moving yourself and the camera since you can't move the sun. 

Find the best light

This may seem like a complicated thing, but especially for close up succulent photography, a diffusion panel can be your best friend.  

Use a diffusion panel 

You can place the diffusion panel between the sun and the succulent and it diffuses or softens the light by creating a light shadow. I really love the look of bright sunlight through a diffuser. 

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