Create an arrangement from your succulent wedding bouquet

Learn how to save the succulents in your wedding bouquet and plant them to make your own succulent garden! Remember your wedding day for years to come! 

The first step is to remove the ribbon from the bouquet. You can either cut it off or untie it. I tend to save all sorts of ribbon so I untied mine. This will reveal all the stems and wires of succulents and flowers. 

Remove the ribbon

Cut through the floral tape and remove it to expose the stems and wires. 

Cut the floral tape

With this bouquet, most of the flowers were under the first layer of floral tape. Remove any flower stems that aren't succulents. You can throw these away or save them if you can find a use for them.

Pull out non-succulents

Continue to cut off floral tape and separate the floral stems from the succulents wires. You should be left with a collection of succulents attached to wires. 

Pull apart succulent stems

The best way to remove the wires from the succulents was to pull back the floral tape and clip the wire near the top. Leave enough wire that you can then pull out the pieces. Do this for each of the succulents so you are left with just the succulent cuttings. 

Peel back floral tape, cut and remove wires

To encourage the succulents to put off roots and grow healthy and beautiful, pull off any dead leaves around the bottom of the succulent. Removing these leaves helps to prevent rot later on. 

Remove dead leaves from succulents

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