How to Plant a Succulent Garden in an Ikea Cart

Looking for a fun way to decorate with succulents? Try planting them in an Ikea cart! With this simple Ikea kitchen cart hack you'll be able to easily move your plants. Plus, it makes for a great small space or vertical garden. 

Here's What You Need:

– Succulents – Ikea cart – Window screening – Succulent soil – Sphagnum moss

Green Curved Line

Start by placing a rectangle of window screening on the bottom of the shelf to prevent soil from falling out.

Step 1

Fill the shelf almost to the top with soil.

Step 2

Place sphagnum moss on top of the soil. It's easier to work with when wet, so be sure to dampen it before using.

Step 3

Start by planting the largest succulents in this spring of Moss and space them out, somewhat evenly across the top of the planter.

Step 4

Fill in the rest of the planter with succulents in contrasting colors and textures.

Step 5

Want to try this creative container garden idea? Tap the link below to see full details.