See What Succulents Love Heat and Sunshine

While many succulents say they are "full sun" that doesn't always mean they can handle high heat and full sun all day.  The succulents in this list will thrive in hot temperatures and full sun. 

Also known as Elephant Bush, this succulent will hold up under temperatures well over 100°F in full sun. It adds a beautifully lush look to the desert landscape. 

Portulacaria afra

Aloiampelos ciliaris stands out from other Aloes and succulents due to it's ability to grow in a vine-like manner. It can be used as a hanging plant with each branch flowing flowing over the edge of a pot or planter.  

Climbing Aloe

Another name for this is Ice Plant, which is a bit ironic considering it can handle extreme heat and sunlight. You can easily find this succulent with a variety of flower colors including the stunning orange you see here, yellow, pinks and purples. 

Lampranthus glaucus

While often seen in small bushes or clumps, this plant can get quite large and provides a colorful backdrop behind shorter plants. 

Sticks on Fire

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