Haworthia varieties (including Haworthiopsis) are smaller succulents, typically green. Some have windowed leaves, while Haworthiopsis varieties have sturdier leaves resembling Aloes. 

This succulent is great for your indoor succulent garden. It has thick, dark green leaves with white horizontal stripes on the outside of the leaves. The inside of the leaves are smooth.

Haworthiopsis fasciata “Zebra Plant”

This slow-growing, clumping succulent has dark green leaves with white ribbing. The leaves turn pink to purple when stressed by sun or cold. Its long stems grow tall, with short, curved leaves.

Haworthiopsis coarctata 

This small succulent has green, striped leaves with flat tops. Each leaf is “windowed” to allow sunlight into the plant. It is a slow grower, but great for beginners. When happily stressed, the leaves can turn orange. 

Haworthia mutica 

“Star Cactus” is a small, slow-growing succulent with triangular-shaped translucent leaves. The leaves bend back and create a rosette shape as they grow. Haworthia retusa is easily grown indoors. As it grows, it produces clumping offsets. Watch for small white flowers in the spring and summer.

Haworthia retusa “Star Cactus”

This slow-growing succulent has pointed bright green leaves with raised white spots. It’s an ideal succulent for indoor growers and beginners. 

Haworthiopsis concolor

This short, green succulent forms a wide, thick rosette. The tops of its leaves form a “window” that allows more sunlight to reach the plant. It grows slowly, but is good for indoor growers and beginners.

Haworthia turgida

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