Gorgeous, Self-Seeding Flowers You’ll Only Have to Plant Once

Growing flowers from seeds is an inexpensive and great way to grow annuals (plants that only live for one year).  However, just because you plant them once doesn't mean you'll have to re-plant them each.  The plants on this list will re-seed easily year after year. 

This plant has several names, including "Love in a Mist" and "Devil in the Bush." Nigella has very delicate, intricate flowers with feather-like foliage. While it self-seeds easily, this plant does not grow well in high heat.


These stunning flowers with papery thin petals are a great addition to any garden. They produce a large seed pod that allows them to grow back year after year, despite being annuals. 


While many plants in this list are quite tall or have long stems, Forget-Me-Nots are the opposite. These small, blue, dainty flowers form a carpet of blossoms in the spring. These are best kept in a damp, shady area with rich soil.


The colorful flowers of Verbena last a long time and are popular plants for pollinators. You'll find these flowers in purple, pink, blue, peach, and even combinations of colors. 


These intense blue and purple flowers might look a little scary close-up, but they are highly attractive to bees. Add the fact that they're self-seeding, so you only need to plant them once, and you're on your way to a beautiful bee-friendly garden.


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