Cheap and Easy DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

Succulents are so popular these days! They make great DIY unique wedding favors that people are sure to love! Plus, they are easy to make! 

Here's What You Need:

– Succulent cuttings – or Agate stones – Reindeer moss – Glue (I prefer this floral glue, but you could also use hot glue or tacky glue)

Green Curved Line

Start by putting some glue on the wood where you want the moss to be. Then, add glue to the succulent cutting you'd like to use. 

You can do these favors with, agate stones, or anything else that matches your wedding decor. My personal favorite are the agate stones. The colors are so bright and fun, perfect to pair with a group of bright succulent cuttings. 

If you'd like to give something a little more permanent to your friends and family, you can give them arrangements in small terra cotta pots, cute pails or glass votives. 

Just brush off the succulents, gently remove the succulent plug from the tray, and insert it into the pot or pail.

To care for the succulents on wood slices your guests can wet the moss every week or so. They can last for several weeks this way.  

Tap the link below for more DIY Succulent Wedding favors.