Basic Supplies for Succulent Projects

You can plant succulents in just about anything. Find out what supplies you need to get started making your own projects or home decor with succulents. 

If you're looking to make something fun with succulents, here are a few things you may need: – Succulent cuttings – Sphagnum moss – Floral glue – Greening pins – Floral tape – Floral wire

This may seem like an obvious supply, but it's the most important! When creating most of my projects I use succulent cuttings.  

Succulent cuttings

Sphagnum moss is my best friend and worst enemy. It's so great to fill different containers, prevent soil from falling out of things and adding a finishing touch.  

Sphagnum Moss

Floral glue is also going to be your best friend when working with succulents in unusual containers. This Oasis brand glue dries quickly and holds on to succulents extremely well.  

Floral Glue

If you're looking to make a project like a succulent wreath or topiary, greening pins should definitely be on your list of things to buy. These really help hold cuttings in place and often do the trick when glue won't. 

Greening Pins

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