Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Kitchen

While you may be used to dried herbs or buying fresh from the grocery store, the herbs on this list are easy to grow in your home and you'll love the fresh flavors and fragrances they add.  Many can be grown from seed, or you can start with a small plant from a local nursery.

Many recipes call for rosemary, especially roasted meats, potatoes, and vegetables. This herb is frequently infused with oil and is a delightful addition to homemade bread. 


Perhaps the most common herb garnish, parsley has a very mild but bright flavor. You can use parsley to add flavor to salads, soups, and roasted vegetables. Parsley works especially well on fish recipes with a hint of lemon juice.


This is a must-have herb for veggie lovers as it's great for seasoning roasted vegetables. You'll also find thyme works well as a seasoning for meats and soups.


You'll find chives used frequently as a garnish for soups, salads, and baked potatoes. In fact, potato recipes are one of the most popular uses for chives.


Oregano is a pungent and aromatic herb with a bold, slightly bitter flavor. It's regularly used in Italian and Mediterranean recipes and works especially well in tomato-based dishes, pizzas, and pasta sauces. 


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