Succulent Sunburn and Too Much Heat

While succulents are drought tolerant plants, this doesn't necessarily mean they love the heat. Find out how much heat your succulents can tolerate!

All of my succulents are in containers. Most of them are in small pots. Most days the water in the pots dries out quickly, sometimes in a day or two, and my succulents are left bone dry. 

Containers vs. Ground

Succulents that are in the ground naturally stay cooler because the ground doesn't heat up as quickly as pottery. Because of this, they can generally handle higher temperatures. 

If you gradually introduce your succulents to the direct sunlight (increasing an hour or so every couple of days), most succulents will tolerate full sun most of the day. 

Direct Sun vs. Bright Shade

A great option is to simply place your succulents in an area that gets bright shade for most of the day. Ideally, they'll be in an area with an hour or two of morning sun, but then shaded the rest of the day. 

A large plant is much stronger, has a deeper root system, and has likely had time to adjust to the warmer temperatures. While it's still possible for them to sunburn, it isn't as common. 

Age and Size of the Succulent

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