Popular Plants to Avoid

Here you'll find a number of plants that you've likely seen that could cause a problem in your garden if you don't take extra precautions. Or, just avoid growing them altogether. 

English Ivy is an attractive evergreen vine that can survive in parts of the garden other plants may not. However, it is quite prolific and grows quickly making it difficult to contain.

English Ivy

While it is easy to grow, and it’s a great herb for cooking and drinks, the roots of a Mint plant send out lots of runners. You’ll end up with Mint in areas of your yard you never intended for it to grow.


While attractive, male trees depend on wind to spread pollen to female trees. As you can imagine, this is not very efficient and therefore requires the trees to produce a large amount of pollen which is problematic for those with seasonal allergies.

White Ash Tree

This is an impressive climbing plant with vibrant foliage in addition to the blossoms. Whten this plant is thriving it can spread very quickly and sends off shoots that stray far from the original plant. It can take over and cover up other plants or suffocate others. Grow it in pots to help contain the wild roots.


Aspen trees have water-seeking roots that are notorious for sending out a large number of shoots to start new plants and create an intricate root system that helps support the plants in tough weather. These roots can easily damage surrounding structures.

Aspen Trees

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