Garden Organization Ideas: How to Keep Your Potting Area Tidy

You'll love these garden organization ideas. See how to keep your potting area looking great and keep track of all your tools and supplies!

I decided to spray all the pieces of the potting bench before assembling it. While it probably looks a little bit better because of this, if I were to do it again I'd spray after it was put together. 

This potting bench has been so great! I love that both top pieces are removable to it's easy to access the storage area. Plus, having the lattice area is awesome for potting plants. All the excess soil falls through to a bin in the storage area below. It makes for really easy clean up! 

Another thing I love about this particular potting bench is the plant shelf and hooks below it.

Now, let's talk plant organization. I have a lot of succulents. A lot. I found a really great affordable solution for them! A wire shelving rack. 

This wire rack holds a lot of plants. Plus is pretty durable and holds up well in wind, rain, snow, etc. I also like that the shelves aren't solid, so my pots with drainage holes don't have to be raised for water to flow out. 

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