Caring for Succulents in Winter

In this post you'll learn how to properly care for your succulents indoors over the winter, along with some tips for your outdoor succulent garden.

This is largely determined, again, by where you live and what you're growing. As a general rule, you'll want to bring your succulents in before the first frost.

When should I bring my succulents inside for winter?

Start by identifying your succulents. Then determine what growing zone you are in. See how the two compare! Bring in any plants that are rated higher than where you live. 

Try watering them 2-3 days before bringing them inside. This allows them to soak up the water they need and start to dry out. Then your shelf or table stays nice and dry once the succulents are inside. 

Water Outside

Start by filling up several pots with soil. It's best if your pots are larger than the cactus pads since they will get bigger. 

Well Draining Soil

Once you've removed any dirt, you can also add in or replace the top dressing to help the arrangement look extra cleaned up. 

Prep the Pot for Inside

Tap the link below to see full details on how to properly care for your succulents indoors over the winter.

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