Creative and Unusual Succulent Planter Ideas

Succulents have a unique ability to grow with very little soil. This allows them to be planted in all kinds of unusual things to make creative arrangements in your garden or for an event. They may not last forever in these planters, but you'll still have a lot of fun creating and looking at them.

Wood boxes come in all shapes and sizes. As long as you line them with plastic before planting, they can be a great long term planter for succulents.

Wood Box

Show off your love of the ocean with succulents planted in a seashell! Just add a little soil or moss into the opening and fill it with your favorite succulents.


This is one of our all time favorite projects. You can plant succulents directly in the Ikea Raskog cart or just fill it with your favorite pots of succulents.

Ikea Raskog Cart

While succulents don't typically like to bathe in water for long periods of time, they do look great in this old bathtub. And as a bonus, it already has some drainage at the bottom. 


If you're looking for a great way to hang succulents along a fence or railing, try using a rain gutter! Simply add a few drainage holes along the bottom and raingutters become inexpensive planters that can hold a lot of succulents.

Rain Gutter

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