Succulent Dormancy: What you really need to know

In this article you'll learn not only the active growing seasons of specific succulents, but also what changes you need to make to keep your succulents happy year round. 

Like most plants, succulents won't grow at the same rate all year round. With fluctuations in temperature, most succulents will go through phases where they grow less or grow more. 

Succulent dormancy explained

The range of temperatures succulents can tolerate is quite impressive, but not all species can handle the same temperatures. There are cold hardy succulents like Sempervivum, and very tender succulents like Echeveria.

Minimum Temperature Tolerance

Sempervivums will tolerate frost, snow and ice but don't love heat. Echeverias don't mind some heat, but definitely can't handle extended freezing temperatures. 

The key to keeping succulents happy is watering only when the soil is dry and paying attention to the leaves. Your succulents will tell you what they need. You just have to know what to look for. 

Succulents need water… most of the time

Succulent dormancy for heat is a different story. While they may not be actively taking up water when temperatures reach their peak during the summer, most succulents want their roots to stay cool.

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