Low-Light Tolerant Succulents - Great for Home or Office

While succulents are beautiful and generally low maintenance, not all varieties will grow well indoors unless you have a lot of light.  Fortunately, there are a number of succulents that will happily grow on your desk even if you don't have a bright window nearby.

This is the most classic of the low light succulents. It is one of the most forgiving succulents and will happily live on your desk for a month or more without water. It needs very little light to stay compact.

Zebra Plant

If you want something that isn't green, then this succulent is a great option. Water infrequently and it will stay looking perfect and petite on your desk or window sill.

Aloe 'Doran Black'

You may not have realized this is a succulent, but "Mother in Law Tongue" is a fantastic option for low light areas. This succulent can get to be several feet tall and is often used to decorate office buildings and hotels.

Snake Plant

You'll find this variety is low maintenance and can provide a nice sensory calming sensation as you rub the leaves. It has a very sturdy, solid look and feel to it and will do well in most indoor settings.

Haworthiopsis concolor

This variety looks much softer and more delicate than most other Aloes. It is more prone to rot than other succulents, so make sure you don't let your friends at the office water it when you aren't looking. It will be much happier if only watered occasionally.

Lace Aloe

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