Yesterday, I posted about the amazing display gardens at Waterwise Botanicals. Today, I want to show you some of the fun arrangements they’ve created with succulents.

Near the entrance to Waterwise Botanicals there were several fun arrangements of succulents in “containers”. I thought they were a lot of fun! Many of the designs were done by Robyn Foreman.

Cart of Succulents Waterwise Botanicals -

Succulents in a Wheelbarrow Waterwise Botanicals -

Tub of Succulents Waterwise Botanicals -

There were a bunch of more traditional arrangements on this rock wall. All of them were really beautiful!

Potted Arrangements Waterwise Botanicals -

Succulent Arrangements at Waterwise Botanicals -

I love how the sun was hitting this arrangement. It looked like it was on fire!

Kalanchoe luciae in Succulent Arrangement at Waterwise Botanicals -

This one looked like it was under the sea!

Under the Sea Succulent Arrangment Waterwise Botanicals -

Then there was this cute old stove that had a lot of pots of succulents. So clever!

Stove with Pots of Succulents Waterwise Botanicals -

As you can probably tell already, these posts are kind of a photo overload, but I have a few more I want to share here! Waterwise Botanicals has a sister nursery called Oasis Water Efficient Gardens. Chris Berg and Carmen Contreras are two designers at Oasis and they were at Waterwise helping people make beautiful arrangements to take home. I really wish I could have taken something home with me because they are so talented! They had a display table to showcase some of their designs. I loved it! The whole thing was so well done.

Succulent Table Display by Oasis Water Efficient Gardens -

Succulent Display by Oasis Plants -

Succulent Wreath by Oasis Plants -

Hanging Terrariums and Succulent Topiary Ball by Oasis Plants -

Hanging Succulent Topiary Ball by Oasis Plants -

I decided that since I couldn’t take an arrangement home for myself I should share one with someone else! I have some wonderful friends who live about 20 minutes away from Waterwise that let me stay with them. They were such gracious hosts! I ended up selecting this arrangement to give them. I love the colors of the plants and the awesome glaze on the pot. I’m still wishing I could have taken something home for me too, but maybe next time!

Hostess Gift - Succulent Arrangement by Waterwise Botanicals -

Stay tuned for more from my adventures in southern California at the Succulent celebration!