Top 10 Indoor Succulents — Free ebook 2017-10-11T20:23:21+00:00
These 10 easy to grow succulents will make a great addition to your collection!


I’m so glad you’re interested in growing succulents!

Succulents are a favorite house plant these days, but not all succulents will thrive indoors. In fact, some of the more popular succulents tend to stretch out and lose their beautiful shape after a few months of indoor growing.

However, there are quite a few succulents that prefer lower-light settings and will do quite well indoors!

To help you decide which succulents are right for you, I’ve created a free PDF.┬áIt covers how to pick the best succulents to grow indoors plus includes a list of my 10 favorite indoor succulents.

This guide will really help you get started on the right foot with growing succulents indoors.