While on maternity leave I had a little bit of time to do some reading and wanted to share my finds with you! The review today is of Baylor Chapman’s The Plant Recipe Book.

Let me just start by saying that I am a sucker for beautifully photographed books. I guess that comes with being a professional photographer. This book is incredibly stunning when it comes to the photography. The lighting is gorgeous, the plants looking amazing and the styling is incredible. For that reason alone you should buy the book. Pure eye candy.

The Plant Recipe Book Review by Succulents and Sunshine

All images excerpted from The Plant Recipe Book by Baylor Chapman (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2014. Photographs by Paige Green.

Having said that, The Plant Recipe Book is also a great book filled with inspiring tutorials that are easy to follow. The awesome thing is that all of the projects in the book are made with living plants rather than cut flowers. This means all of the arrangements will last a long time (forever, if you care for them well). While I love cut floral arrangements I was intrigued by how stunning these arrangements are and the fact that they’ll keep growing! It’s like having a miniature styled garden on your table! Also, she uses quite a variety of succulents in the arrangements so that, naturally, pulled me in. I’ll highlight a few of my favorite parts about the way the book is laid out and show you how great it is for helping you create your own beautiful arrangements with living plants.

The first part of the book has a variety of pages that cover everything from tools you’ll need to how to care for the plants used in the arrangements. It is laid out in a way that is easy to read and very aesthetically pleasing. After reading through this section you’ll have a great foundation to prepare you for the projects.

The Plant Recipe Book Review - Ingredient List - Succulents and Sunshine

After the introduction pages, Baylor starts into the projects. The projects are grouped by the plant type used in alphabetical order. So, the first plant is Aeonium. Perfect for us succulent lovers right?

Aeonium Arrangement from The Plant Recipe Book - Succulents and Sunshine

The projects all start with a page that shows what plants you’ll need for the project. These pages are beautiful as well as helpful. I love how artistic they are.

Collection of Sedums from The Plant Recipe Book - Succulents and Sunshine

After the ingredient page is a page with step by step photos that are easy to follow.

Kalanchoe Directions from The Plant Recipe Book - Succulents and Sunshine

This book is great for beginners as well as those who already know a thing or two about plant arrangements. There is such a variety of plant combinations with colors and textures. Each page is beautiful! I highly recommend this book both for the high quality arrangements and projects as well as for the stunning photos.