Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love wearing jackets, the cool crisp air, and most of all the colorful leaves. I also love all the varieties of pumpkins and gourds. There are just so many great things about autumn! I’m excited for the next few posts I have coming up. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Brittany of The House that Lars Built¬†on some really fun succulent and pumpkin projects. Today I’ll share the first project with you, which is oh so fun!

Brittany had the idea to paint faces on some little pumpkins and use succulents as the hair. There are a lot of succulent topped pumpkins out there right now, but I thought this was a fun twist! I can’t get over how much personality this cute little family has. Brittany has a full tutorial on her blog today so be sure to stop by and check out how these were made. She also has free downloadable patterns for the faces. I have to say this may be my favorite alternative to your typical jack-o-lantern.

This fun succulent pumpkin family is sure to grab the neighbors attention!

Ma and Pa Pumpkin with Succulents for Hair - Succulents and Sunshine

Sleepy Succulent Haired Pumpkin - Succulents and Sunshine

Butternut Squash with Succulents for Hair - Succulents and Sunshine

Pumpkin Child with Succulents for Hair - Succulents and Sunshine

Thanks to Brady and Rosie for letting us use their beautiful backyard to photograph all of our succulent and pumpkin projects!