Succulents are great plants and can be low maintenance if you know how to take care of them. This succulent starter kit will help you get started right!

Succulents are beautiful plants!

It’s no wonder people are so attracted to them. They have such great colors, shapes and textures. Add in easy to care for and you’ve got the perfect plant!

But, many people find that succulents can be tricky to keep alive. While they can be quite low maintenance, you need to know a few basics for how to care for them in order to keep them alive.

I have the perfect solution for you…

A step-by-step guide for getting started with succulents!

It’s often hard to tell what is most important when caring for succulents because so much of it overlaps. So, let me walk you through how to start.

Buying Succulents

First, you’ll need to get a succulent. Pretty obvious, right? If you’re growing indoors, check out this list of 10 succulents I recommend for indoor growing. If you’re growing succulents outside in pots, check out this list of 10 easy to grow succulents.


Next, you’ll need a pot for your succulent. One of the most important things when you’re starting out with succulents is to use a pot with a drainage hole. This will make your succulent growing experience so much easier! There’s a few other things to consider too, so take a look at my guide for choosing pottery for succulents.


Now you’ll want to get some well draining soil to plant your succulent in. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is using regular potting soil for their succulents. Succulents need their roots to dry quickly and regular potting soil stays wet too long. See what makes a good soil for succulents in this post.


Once you have a succulent, pot and soil, it’s time to start planting! Follow these step by step instructions for potting succulents and you’ll be off to a good start. If you want a few more tips, you’ll love this post.


An now, the ultimate piece of advice for growing succulents… how to water! If you’ve followed the advice above, watering your succulents will be a cinch with the soak and dry method. See exactly what the soak and dry method is and how to properly water succulents in this post.

And that’s it!

If you follow those basic instructions you’ll be on your way to growing beautiful, healthy succulents.

Now, if you’d rather not go to the hassle of finding succulents, a pot, and well draining soil, and if you’d like a reference guide by your side while you’re potting… or if you want a simple gift for a friend, I have a great option for you…

A succulent starter kit!

Start with a gorgeous handmade pot and stunning succulent from Dalla Vita. These unique pots look great anywhere, plus they ship anywhere in the US! It’s a great way to brighten someone’s day.

The Dalla Vita planters are filled with a succulent (either a Haworthia, Cactus, Aloe or Echeveria), well draining soil, and the pot has a drainage hole. They use a white top dressing to keep everything in place.

If you know the succulent will be grown indoors, I recommend requesting a Haworthia in the order notes as they do quite well indoors.

The succulent and pot are perfectly packaged so that everything stays put during shipping. Simply remove it from the package and enjoy!

Click here to buy a planted succulent from Dalla Vita!

Now, if you like having a printed reference guide while you’re working, then the Idiot’s Guides: Succulents is for you!

There are so many great ideas and tips in the Idiots Guide Succulents Book! I love the section on displaying succulents

I wrote this book with a beginning succulent lover in mind. It covers everything from buying succulents, to planting them and how to care for them. There’s also a section that lists 100 different succulents and their specific care needs.

Click here to buy the Idiot’s Guides: Succulents!

If you’d rather have all that information on your phone, tablet, etc. you can get the Idiot’s Guides: Succulents as a Kindle book. Another great option is my set of succulent care ebooks which you can learn more about here.

There’s just one other thing that will make your succulent starter kit complete… my favorite watering can. I have a bunch of watering cans, but I always come back to this one. It’s just the right size for watering small to medium sized pots indoors.

Click here to buy my favorite watering can!

Use a simple watering can to properly water succulents

I know a lot of college students love having plants in their dorm rooms. Succulents are a really great option and I’m sure anyone would be happy to receive one as a gift (wink, wink).

And, just in case you need a quick reference for what you need to get started with succulents, simply visit these posts:

Most importantly, have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things! Anyone can keep succulents alive as long as as you know the basics.