Growing succulents should be easy.

After all, that’s what the Garden Center employee tells you when he hands you that pretty plant in a pot.

“Don’t give it too much sunshine. Just spray it lightly with water and you'll be all set.”


When you come home and do just that, you end up killing your precious plant. In a matter of weeks. *cue the thoughts about your legendary black thumb*

If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a succulent alive, here’s what I want you to know.

You aren’t alone.

And the reason isn’t that you have a black thumb or that you live in a less-than-ideal climate…

…it’s because you don’t have the right know-how.

red green orange succulents potted

Now I know… it’s not like you aren’t trying to get that know-how.

You’ve thumbed through, highlighted and dog-eared the books.

You’ve watched YouTube videos on repeat.

You’ve tried a million different techniques for soil, sunshine and water.

But you haven’t been able to create a solid plan to see your succulents thrive. Let alone make them look as pretty as those Pinterest pictures!


Firstly, growing succulents is tricky. What works for one may not work for the other.

Next and more importantly… There’s a LOT of information floating online and in books about growing and caring for succulents.

The truth is...

Most of that information is correct ONLY if you live in the same area as the book’s author or if you’re growing the same succulent. Slim chances of those happening!

You have to do a TON of figuring out to find the perfect approach for your succulents keeping in mind the kinds you have, the soil you use, the watering they need.

Honestly, all this “figuring out” can be frustrating and let’s not forget… expensive. After all, those plants cost money, and each time one of them dies, your dollars go into the dustbin with it.

Bonus Crassula Haworthiopsis Faucaria

It’s no surprise you’ve started to believe you do have a black thumb or you just can’t grow succulents in the area that you live.

Here's what you need to know...

Not all succulents are created equal.

That’s right.

Succulents, like human (or fur!) babies, are unique.

To see them thrive, you need an approach that’ll work for YOU.

That is why when you adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, your plants stretch out, get attacked by mealy bugs or worse, slowly die.

The solution?

A simple, easy-to-use and reliable resource so you can get answers to your succulent-related questions and confidently watch your plants thrive under your care.

A confusion-free knowledge base so you can create a succulent care routine that works wonderfully for you and your environment.

Experts on hand to give you personalized (yes, personalized!) advice about your succulents so you never have to second-guess what soil to use, how much to water them or whether they need special care.

Get ALL of this and MORE with…

The Succulent Lovers Club

It’s Like Having A Personal Trainer for Your Succulent Garden

Created after loads of research, experimentation and a fair bit of failure, the Succulent Lovers Club is a robust, readily adapted one-stop shop for all your succulent knowledge needs.

If you want to grow plants successfully and prove to yourself that you don’t have a black thumb…

Or you want to learn how to grow succulents so you can start a home-based business…

Or you want to give your succulents some extra TLC and master advanced techniques like propagation, arrangements and more…

The Succulent Lovers Club is the ONLY resource you’ll ever need.


Because it goes waaay beyond a book ever can with its interactive community, live Q&A calls, along with engaging video lessons and PDFs.

It digs deep into the foundations of caring for succulents so you can create a custom care plan for your babies.

It gives you access to an engaged and active community of fellow home gardeners; all succulent enthusiasts too. So you can connect with them and get support. Annnnd….You can also share your obsession for succulents without being looked at like the crazy plant lady! *high-fives all around*

MOST importantly, though, it gives you 1:1 access to the Succulents and Sunshine team (along with other succulent experts) so you can get personalized answers you need for your specific questions.

The Succulent Lovers Club is, quite simply, a personal trainer for your succulent garden!

Yes, with the Club, you can wave an excited bye-bye to wasting money (and time!) on techniques that did more harm than good and seeing your gorgeous little plants suffer.

It’s time for you to start enjoying growing succulents so you can not only feel super confident about your skills but you can also share them with others.

Here’s how you’ll accomplish this inside the Succulent Lovers Club:

blue green white echeveria species

Set Up for Success

Go through the Successfully Growing Succulents course ($127 value) to learn the principles of succulent care that will help your succulents adapt to your climate and care style.

haworthiopsis fasciata zebra plant close up

Get Personalized Help

Post photos and questions in the community area to get more help and feedback. Plus, join the twice monthly "Succulent Tea Parties" where you can get some face time with other succulent lovers and get help in real-time. Go beyond general tips and techniques by personal answers about your succulents.

bright hummels sunset crassula blooming

Dive in Deep

Like a succulent themed version of Netflix, you can browse our archive of specialty workshops that go beyond the basics. Plus, join the new workshops with special guests each month and ask questions live.

You’ll have the confidence, community and knowledge you need so you can choose smartly, make informed decisions and give your succulents the care they need.

The Successfully Growing Succulents course is packed with info to help you with your succulents. Cassidy does an awesome job and she is easy to understand.

The price has worked out to be well worth it with the info obtained. I am now having much better luck with succulents. Very few losses. You will be so glad that you bought the course!


I really do enjoy the club to the n-th degree!  Especially enjoyable are the Q&A calls with the chance to meet so many knowledgeable, fun people face to face.  I’ve gotten answers to several identity questions….problems with mealy bugs, frozen plants, how to repot pups, etc.  I get new ideas from other enthusiasts here.

Bonnie Sproat

$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.

The Succulent Lovers Club is PERFECT for you if...

  • You’re starting out with your very first succulent plant and have no idea how to keep it healthy and alive. You don’t have a big budget or a big garden but you do want to care for your succulent and possibly, add more to your collection.
  • You’ve been trying to grow succulents for a while but you’re struggling. Your plants die or stretch out and you don’t know how to fix this. You’ve started to wonder if it’s the climate where you live or if you lack gardening genes. You want to stop winging it and wish you could get a personalized plan to care for your plants.
how to properly water indoor succulents so they thrive crassula gasteraloe gasteria
  • You’ve been growing succulents for a while and you’ve seen some success. Now you’d like to know more so you can help others or start a business of your own.
  • You want to have the confidence that comes from a deep knowledge of these wonderful plants.
  • You’ve been reading books about succulent care and have watched a fair amount of videos too but you still don’t have a clear plan of action to help your succulents thrive. More often than not, you end up feeling confused and overwhelmed because the information is conflicting and doesn’t answer your questions.

Ready to end the confusion and experience complete succulent care confidence?

Here's what you get when you click the big, green button:

Step-by-Step Video Lessons, Workshops & PDFs (Value: $500)

In these video lessons, you’ll discover everything you need to know right from buying succulents to choosing the perfect pot to identifying symptoms of watering problems to troubleshooting when you see stretching, color change or bugs! 

You can binge watch these videos in one afternoon and start to implement right away.

sgs on circle overview gif
Exclusive access to a private succulent community (Value: $250)

Have a question while you're watering your succulents on a Sunday afternoon? Or maybe you want to show off the succulents you potted up today? Inside the Succulent Lovers Club Community website you'll be able to post photos, ask questions, and connect with other Succulent Lovers in between calls. Your own succulent "network".

club overview 2
Twice a month "Succulent Tea Parties" (Value: $150)

Grab your favorite beverage and join Chantile (from the Succulents and Sunshine team) for a lively chat about all things succulents! We know how hard it can be to find a captive audience to share you latest succulent success with. These club calls are such a great way to get help and feedback in real time. Plus, you can see and chat with your fellow club members live.

This is far and away the highlight for our current club members. Come share what's most exciting in your garden right now and ask for help with those tricky succulents (ahem... String of Pearls...).

robyn gallery gif

I love that I have somewhere to come to ask questions. There’s such a terrific group of people here.  I’m so very glad for this space!

1:1 "Ask us anything" support (Value: $Priceless)

This is how you’ll become the go-to succulent guy/gal in your neighborhood. Whether you want a quick tip about watering or soil recommendations for your plant, you have easy access to the Succulents and Sunshine team, as well as other succulent experts. 

You can ask me directly in the community or during the monthly tea parties… We’ll roll up our sleeves and dig into your succulent problem ASAP!

A total value of $900 but you only pay $25 $15 right now!

And then $15/month after that. As long as you're an active member you'll never pay more.

We'd love to have you stay a while, but if you get everything you need in the first or second month, that's fine too!

There's no contract and you can cancel anytime. We're here when you need us 🙂

$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.

What other Succulent Lovers are saying...

The club is great! I love the replays of the calls and feel like I was part of the call! The online information offered is extensive, and I loved the class on the Heart Planters. I am setting up my first outdoor greenhouse! I have heat and humidity sources, and a place to ask questions!

Deborah S.

I joined the group and it’s just what I need! The friendliness, the broad knowledge about the plants and the large world community of members… If you love succulents, the Succulent Lovers Club is a good place to be.

Catharine Kelley

Join the club! It is fun and addictive to hear of others experiences and the ability to share a common interest. I have become more confident in my ability to keep well cared for succulents and get a lot of enjoyment from them. I have learned propagation techniques as well as better watering techniques (I am still working on this) to be able to expand my collection.

Sue Levin

I really appreciate the breadth of information Cassidy shares. There is so much misinformation online (look no further than Pinterest for all of the ways to use and abuse succulents!) that it’s nice to have one really good resource to turn to.

I felt much more knowledgeable and confident after taking the class and would highly recommend it. I got more out of the class than I have out of all of the books and blogs I’ve read and the format worked really well for my learning style.


Didn’t have a clue about any of this, but NOW I do. My succulents are very healthy and I hope to keep them that way.


I am beyond thrilled. Cassidy has thoroughly answered my questions. I feel like this is a great tool and resource to have in my back pocket!


I am so glad that I signed up for this. I immediately learned a better way to plant succulents in arrangements. I find that the video makes it easier to learn and I have the video playing as I’m working with the plants. All the different topics in one place saves time and money. Succulents really do best when you know how to water them, get the light right and create beautiful designs. Thanks Cassidy!!

Celeste yakawonis

This has helped me in every way: watering, potting, light. You name it. The only experience I had had with succulents was a disaster when I’m sure that I watered them to death. I gave up. Then my sister gave me a small arrangement and not wanting a repeat performance I started looking for help online. That’s when I found Cassidy and not only have I managed to save my gift from almost certain death, but I have built a small collection of plant babies that I love.


$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.

“Is this worth the money?”

(Answers to this and other questions you may be thinking)

Why should I join the club when I can watch YouTube videos with tips for free? 

Great question! You can definitely figure things out on your own but if you’re tired of winging it and taking a hit-and-miss approach with your succulents, the club is just what you need. 

Not only do you get thorough, reliable and easy-to-follow information in one place, you also get access to the Succulents and Sunshine team and an engaged community of succulent growers to connect with.

I’m not very tech-savvy. I’m not sure if I’ll understand how this online club works?

That’s perfectly okay… Participating in the club is as easy as emailing or watching a video online. 

In fact, when you sign up, I’ll send you an email walking you through the exact steps you need to take to access the community area and other resources. If you get stuck at any time, simply email us and we’ll jump in to help you out.

Will I be charged for this every month? 

Yes. The Succulent Lovers Club is just $25 $15 a month (you'll never pay more as long as you remain a member, even if the price goes up for new members). But don't worry... we hate it when things are hard to cancel too. If you decide the club isn't for you it's simple to cancel your subscription.

There's no long term contract and you can easily cancel at anytime. We're here for as long or as short as you need us 🙂 And if you need help with anything, we're happy to assist!

I’ve never been successful at growing anything. Will this turn my brown thumb into a green one?

I’m sorry to hear that but honestly, you’re not alone. The reason you’ve been unsuccessful is not because you have a brown or black thumb. It’s because you didn’t have the right know-how. Once you’re in the Club and armed with the right knowledge and expertise, growing succulents will be as easy as breathing!

Can I join the club even though I’m not in the US? Will the tips in the courses help me?

Yes! In fact, one of the goals of the club is to connect people from all over the world so we can help each other better care for our succulents. The reason I created this space is because I couldn’t find tips and techniques that suited the areas I lived in. My goal is for you to have a thriving succulent garden regardless of where you live.

What days and times are the Succulent Tea Parties?

Right now our calls will likely be held on Wednesdays or Thursdays around 2 PM MST. We have a schedule posted in the club community center so you can always see the upcoming dates, times, and links.

If you're not able to make it live we will have a recording available to watch, usually by the next day. We'll also do a poll to see what is best for most members as time goes on and set them for various times to ensure as many members as possible can make it to the calls.

Feel free to request a time that works well for you too!

Do the course lessons have closed captioning?

Yes! All the pre-recorded classes have closed captioning and we're testing out some options to even have live transcription on our calls! We want to make sure anyone is able to benefit from the classes and club experience.

I have more questions. Can I email you?

Sure thing! Feel free to email us at and ask away! The Succulents and Sunshine team will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.

Picture this...

You wake up in the morning, putter into the kitchen and get the coffee going. 

While you wait for the coffee machine to do its magic, you walk over to your window sill where your String of Pearls and Hens and Chicks are placed. 

You’re delighted to see them thriving and happy. You were so worried when you got them as a gift because you’d never grown anything and now… seeing these plants grow and look happy and gorgeous fills you with both confidence and joy.

succulents under grow lights

You take a quick picture and share it with your succulent-loving friends. Within seconds, they’re messaging you back wanting to know YOUR secrets.

They want to know how your succulents look so stunning. 

It’s finally happened… 

You’ve gone from being a novice at gardening to becoming an expert your friends  trust with growing succulents successfully.

This is something that is bringing me joy and a way of learning something new. I have found people to be friendly and helpful. I have had no one laugh at me for a dumb question. Even if it is not the first time I asked.

Elaine C.

I got several questions answered and learned so much from other people’s questions, too. I love the social aspect of having people to connect with who share this hobby. If you’re into succulents, the Succulent Lovers Club is the place to be!

Allison McElwee

It’s wonderful to see how other people are working with their succulents, and what plants they have. This is a great group!

Vinnie Schabacker

It is great just sitting back and learning from others who have had the addiction for longer than I have. I have been especially impressed with some of the beautiful blossoms.

Linda Lyall

$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.

Still reading? Here’s what I want you to know…

Whether you want to grow succulents because they Zen you out when life gets crazy… 

or because you’re obsessed with these beauties and want to know as much as you can about them… 
or because you want a hobby (other than golf!) that gets you outdoors, the fact is the Succulent Lovers Club will help you do ALL of this and then some.

You’ll never feel alone (and dreadfully overwhelmed!) when trying to figure out why your beautiful Echeveria or Aloe aren’t thriving. 

You’ll never get frustrated with a ‘wing-it’ approach towards your succulent garden. 


And most importantly… you’ll never think you have a black thumb again! 

Join me (and hundreds of others) on this exciting and eye-opening journey where you can go from struggling with succulents to being a succulent savior!

$25 $15/month - No contract. Cancel at any time.