Succulents can easily be propagated from leaves. See what new growth on succulent leaf cuttings looks like and learn how you can do it yourself!

A while back I posted an update on how my succulent leaf propagation was going. I decided they are big enough that it is time for another update! As I mentioned in my original post on succulent propagation, there is always some loss.

Each time I’ve posted and update I’ve had some losses (I don’t normally show those because they aren’t very pretty). At first this was very sad but I’ve learned that it is just the way things are and I focus on all the exciting new growth!

It has been so much fun to see these succulent leaf cuttings grow. Sometimes I look at my window well and wish they would grow faster. Other days I realize how amazing it is that they have grown as big as they have and are still going strong!

One of the challenges I’ve faced with doing so many succulent leaf cuttings is finding room for all of them! You may remember the PVC Succulent Cutting Planter I created a few weeks ago. I’m also working on some more potting solutions that don’t cost very much because I can’t really afford to buy more pots at this point!

Plus, these leaves and new rosettes are so small that they still need to be loved and nurtured. They aren’t quite mature enough to be neglected yet, although I have noticed that they definitely don’t need to be watered as often as they used to.

I’ve cut back to watering every couple of days now rather than almost daily like I was before. The roots are still looking healthy and strong and I’ll be transferring them to a more permanent “pot” soon.

The more I look for alternative potting solutions the more I discover. I’m sure you’ll start noticing them too. The nice thing is that now I feel like I could start giving some of these cuttings away as gifts. While they still need a little TLC I think they are pretty low maintenance over all!