Downloadable, easy-to-use

Types of Succulents Digital Reference Cards

Not all succulents are created equal. Stop those untimely trips to the trash and create a garden you can be proud of.

  • Over 180 individual digital cards in a simple, printable format to help you identify and care for your succulent(s)
  • Info stored all in one place--no going back and forth on Google every time you have a problem
  • Money back guarantee

"Neglect your succulents" is bad advice

Go ahead and raise your hand if you've ever heard that one 🙋

When I first started my succulent hobby, so many people and so many Google searches resulted in the same type of advice.

Neglect your succulents…

Just water them here and there…

Only water when it rains in the desert...

So I did all that. And wouldn't you know it? After 6 months I had a couple hundred dollars worth of dead little darlings.

It got to the point where my husband told me not to bother buying any new succulents unless I was actually going to figure out how to take care of them.

Harsh... but it worked.

I started gathering all my research + experience. I created a digital card for each plant to easily reference the important information for my plants:

  • A picture of the plant for easy ID
  • Light, water, and temperature needs
  • Dormancy
  • Mature Size
  • Propagation
  • Toxicity

I now have over 180 of these digital care cards and I’d love for you to have them, too.

succulent care cards

High quality, cute little ID cards that don’t overwhelm you. These cards definitely add to the enjoyment of my new hobby.

Aaron M.

100% worth the investment. My babies are doing great!

Victoria C.

You don’t need special powers to keep your succulents alive.

In fact, you don't even need a green thumb.

Just like our little succulent friends, you just need a little bit of (the right) help to thrive.

The Types of Succulents Digital Reference Cards are a must-have if...

You’ve been buying succulents for a while now and you:

  • have wasted more time, energy, and money than you care to admit
  • are done with guessing games + endless internet searches every time something is “off” with your plants
  • don’t want to give up on this hobby that brings you joy


You're just getting into this hobby and you:

  • aren’t sure what kind of succy you’ve got
  • can already tell your new babies aren’t doing as well as you’d hoped
  • want to get started on the right foot with easy-to-access information on how to take care of your plants

Wonder what other succulent gardeners have to say?

Over 12,000 card sets sold!

On behalf of all us newbies out there, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Patty B.

I love how you tell the NEEDED info. Plain and simple. Easy to get it, without a headache. Thanks!

Nean R.

These cards are so helpful to ID my succulents and search for new ones. The care instructions are spot on and she adds to the collection for free. Well worth the money to buy! Thank you, Cassidy for this great tool.

Dawn M.

The ID cards are amazing! Not only do I just like to look at them, as they’re beautifully presented, they’ve helped me to know how the various succulents I have outside need to be cared for when winter comes.

Barbara A.

I am a complete novice and these ID cards have given me a great deal of information on how to choose and care for my new succulents.

Pam S.

They helped me understand why some plants thrived while others died. I printed out each card and have a binder for easy-access.

Rose E.

Got questions?

(the best plant lovers do)

How do these work? Will I receive something in the mail?

These cards are digital, my friend! That means RIGHT after you purchase, you will be able to download them onto your computer, phone, or both! (no physical copy)

Most gardeners tell me their favorite way to use these is on their phone…so you can have the cards handy when watering or out shopping for new succulent babies!

Of course, some people print them out and store them in a binder near their plants.

phone with card and plant new card style

I'm worried about the price.

That’s why I created our money back guarantee. I know where (and with who) you spend your money is important.

When you purchase the cards for $19.99 $9.99, you can look through them and decide for yourself if this is something you actually need and will use.

If not, just let my team know and we’ll refund you the full amount.

But if you do love them? Then for less than $20, you’ve saved hundreds in dead succulents.

Crassula falcata card

Can’t I just find this info with a quick Google search? And how can I trust that your cards are accurate?

I’m a firm believer that yes, you can find any information you need if you just spend enough time on Google. BUT it’s definitely not going to be quick.

Plus, when you spend time on endless internet searches, you can often find misleading, conflicting, or just plain wrong information.

These cards are a gathering of over 8 years of succulent experience and research. It’s literally my JOB to get this stuff right.

All in one, very quick, very easy-to-use place.

succulent cards phone mockup

Does this card collection have every succulent? I want to make sure I’ll be able to find the ones I have.

Right now, we have over 180 succulents in this collection.

We add new cards each year (at no cost to you) based on requests from customers. If you don't find one you're looking for, just send an email to my team and we'll get you pointed in the right direction so you have the info you need to care for your babies.

I have another question, Cassidy.

Great! Send me and my team an email at I can't wait to help you decide if these cards are a good fit for you.

Euphorbia polygona card

Money Back Guarantee

If you decide at any time these digital cards aren’t for you, just email my team at and let us know. We will refund you the entire purchase. That’s just the right thing to do.