Succulent Cuttings

I recently made another purchase of succulents online. I've been seeing a lot of living wreaths lately and have been wanting a beautiful wreath to go on our front door, so I thought, why not? I opted to get my cuttings from Daniel's Specialty Nursery. He seems to have the most variety of color and texture and I want my wreath to be amazing.

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Well, let me tell you I was not at all disappointed when these lovely succulent cuttings arrived. As I carefully pulled them out of the box I was almost giddy! I really am addicted to these things… Anyway, I kept seeing more and more stunning colors and textures. I am so impressed with the variety! I can't wait to get this wreath started!

I know there are a lot of different colors of succulents out there, but I had almost forgotten until the cuttings arrived. My plants have all gone back to their natural green over the winter because they haven't had quite enough light. But, I know once the weather warms up and they get more sun they will be colorful too. If you recall, I ordered cuttings from Daniel almost a year ago and those were great too! I got a few that were the same or similar to that batch but for the most part these are really different that what is currently in my collection. I think at this point I probably have about 30-40 varieties living in my extra bedroom 🙂

I'm hoping to get the wreath put together within the next week, but for now the cuttings are just sitting on a piece of wood with paper towels on top so I can water them. I'm anxious for these to root and it won't be big deal if they root a little before the wreath gets put together. I have high hopes for this wreath so I think it will take me a little while to decide just how I want to arrange it. When I do get around to putting it together I am going to do a tutorial to share with you all! I know there are several living wreath tutorials out there, but I thought I'd take a stab at it anyway.

Well, without further ado, I give you… the succulent cuttings! (Beware… this may be a little bit of photo overload, but I wanted to show you each of varieties I got!)

grow succulents from cuttingsPin
colorful assortment of high quality succulent cuttingsPin
pink fred ives succulent cuttingsPin
purple green tiger jaws succulent cuttingsPin
aeonium kiwi succulent cuttings easily damaged in shippingPin

So, if you want to get your succulent collection started quickly with a lot of beautiful plants… consider buying cuttings!