• Would you like to multiply your lonely collection of succulents into the dozens – and even hundreds – more? Good news! Succulents can be propagated like wild bunnies, as long as you follow a few simple tricks. And best of all, they won’t cost you a penny!

    What you'll get in this book:

    • Time tested propagation techniques that’ll take you from one to over a dozen plants
    • A step-by-step illustrated tutorial so you can’t make a mistake
    • Watering, soil and sunlight tips for optimal propagation
    • Arrangement ideas to embellish your new collection
    • And a whole lot more!
  • Growing succulents indoors is tricky business if you don't know the proper soil, sunlight and watering requirements. But YOU can make succulents work for you, you just need to know the right way to care for them!
    • The proper watering technique to ensure longevity
    • The perfect soil blend for lush, vibrant succulents
    • The ideal sunlight that’ll make them “blush” without scorching
    • Recognizing early signs of trouble
    • The most common deadly mistakes to avoid
  • How to water succulents... the ultimate question when it comes to growing succulents. Water is such a basic need. Yet too much (or too little) water is the number one way to kill a succulent. If you are struggling with how often – and how much – to water your succulents, this easy-to-read guide will simplify your life.

    What you'll learn in this book:

    • The proper watering techniques, ensuring longevity
    • Which factors determine how often succulents need to be watered
    • How to recognize early warning signs that your succulent is over or under watered
    • Watering succulents in a pot without drainage
    • Fun ideas to make watering succulents easier
  • Learn how to propagate succulents! Whether you're starting from leaves, seeds, cuttings or division, I'll show you how to get started and how to make sure your succulent babies make it to adulthood.
  • Let me help you get started strong when it comes to growing succulents! Buying succulents, pottery, planting, watering, bugs, and more! I've got you covered. Take a look at the full description below for all the details!
  • While all succulents are amazing and beautiful, not all of them will grow where you live or where you're growing them.

    Wondering which succulents will thrive in your environment?

    This guide includes tips for choosing the best succulents for where you live, how much you like to water (or not) and how much light is available. The best part though... it has detailed information about over 50 succulents and also groups them by where they'll grow best.

    Do you tend to forget about your succulents?

    There's a group of succulents that are perfect for you!

    Prefer to water and care for them constantly?

    I'll show you which succulents like more water than most!

    This guide is a great reference for purchasing new succulents or figuring out why the succulents you're growing aren't doing well. You can even print off the pages and take them with you the next time you go succulent shopping! Or simply have it open on your computer the next time you're shopping online. Grab this guide and make sure you're growing the succulents that work best for you!

    What you'll get in this book:

    • A detailed overview of traits to look for to ensure a succulent will survive in your climate
    • Photos of individual succulents and specific care information for them
    • Groupings of succulents that like the same amount of sunlight and water

    Purchase today for just $9.99!

  • Join the coloring craze... succulents style!

    Coloring is a great way to release stress and relax. The problem with a traditional "adult" coloring book is that your pages are stuck in the book and you only have one copy of each. But...

    With these cards:

    • You'll instantly receive a downloadable PDF file with 6 different coloring card designs in a 4"x6" format
    • You can print the cards as many times as you'd like!
    • Print the designs on any kind of paper and use your favorite medium... acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, markers and more!
    • Use them for cards to write a note and send it in the mail... or anything else you can come up with!
  • You've made some stunning succulent arrangements and now you're ready to sell them. But, how much should you sell them for?

    Pricing should not be stab in the dark or a random number that sounds good!

    You need to make sure you're covering all of your costs, including your time (which is very valuable), with each product you sell. This ebook and calculator will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to pricing your succulent arrangements. You won't have to worry about how much you need to sell in order to break even either! The calculator will tell you :) I'll walk you through what type of expenses or costs your business (after all, if you're selling something... it's a business) is incurring. Plus, I'll help you make sure you're getting paid for your time!
    You wouldn't work for free for someone else to benefit and make money, so don't work for free in your own business!
    The ebook will teach you everything that goes into pricing a product and the calculator will give you exactly what you need: The exact price you should sell your succulent arrangement for! Easy as that. Just follow the instructions and soon you'll be on your way to a profitable day at the farmers market! *Please note: This is a digital product sent via email
  • Sale!
    Would you like to set yourself up for success growing succulents?
    Then this is for YOU! Get ready to do a little succulent stalking, and make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to grow succulents. Don't worry :) the workbook will walk you through everything.

    What you’ll learn…

    The Stalk Your Succulents Workbook has over 30 pages of information and printable worksheets which walk you through:
    • Where you are now, and where you are going
    • Figuring out soil and pottery
    • Succulent watering principles
    • And more!

    This workbook is perfect for:

    • The complete succulent newbie
    • The grower wanting to keep track of watering
    • The succulent lover who wants to dive deeper
    • The grower who wants to keep their already great succulents growing strong
    When you stalk your succulents, you take a deeper look at what’s going on, what your succulent needs, what’s working already, and what can improve. By the end of the workbook, you’ll know:
    • How often your succulents need water
    • Where your succulents will grow best in your home or garden
    • What types of succulents will grow best for you
    As part of the workbook, you’ll also get valuable resources and worksheets like:
    • Annual Watering Calendar
    • Growing Area Overview
    • Succulent Wishlist
    • Soil and pottery suggestions… and more!
    *Please note: This is a digital product sent via email
  • Tired of telling your friends and family how to care for their succulents?

    This printable succulent care card is the perfect solution!

    Simply download the card, print at home or at your favorite print shop, and give one with all your succulent gifts (or just keep them on hand to give new succulent growers). Your recipient will love having a reference for how to care for their succulents! And you'll love seeing their new plants thrive without you there every step of the way :)