Would you like to set yourself up for success growing succulents?

Then this is for YOU!

Get ready to do a little succulent stalking, and make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to grow succulents. Don’t worry 🙂 the workbook will walk you through everything.

What you’ll learn…

The Stalk Your Succulents Workbook has over 30 pages of information and printable worksheets which walk you through:

  • Where you are now, and where you are going
  • Figuring out soil and pottery
  • Succulent watering principles
  • And more!

This workbook is perfect for:

  • The complete succulent newbie
  • The grower wanting to keep track of watering
  • The succulent lover who wants to dive deeper
  • The grower who wants to keep their already great succulents growing strong

When you stalk your succulents, you take a deeper look at what’s going on, what your succulent needs, what’s working already, and what can improve.

By the end of the workbook, you’ll know:

  • How often your succulents need water
  • Where your succulents will grow best in your home or garden
  • What types of succulents will grow best for you

As part of the workbook, you’ll also get valuable resources and worksheets like:

  • Annual Watering Calendar
  • Growing Area Overview
  • Succulent Wishlist
  • Soil and pottery suggestions… and more!

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