You’ve made some stunning succulent arrangements and now you’re ready to sell them. But, how much should you sell them for?

Pricing should not be stab in the dark or a random number that sounds good!

You need to make sure you’re covering all of your costs, including your time (which is very valuable), with each product you sell.

This ebook and calculator will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to pricing your succulent arrangements.

You won’t have to worry about how much you need to sell in order to break even either! The calculator will tell you 🙂

I’ll walk you through what type of expenses or costs your business (after all, if you’re selling something… it’s a business) is incurring. Plus, I’ll help you make sure you’re getting paid for your time!

You wouldn’t work for free for someone else to benefit and make money, so don’t work for free in your own business!

The ebook will teach you everything that goes into pricing a product and the calculator will give you exactly what you need:

The exact price you should sell your succulent arrangement for!

Easy as that. Just follow the instructions and soon you’ll be on your way to a profitable day at the farmers market!

*Please note: This is a digital product sent via email