You keep walking out of gardening stores with succulents in hand only to end up killing them (Ack!) 6 months later.

You’re frustrated with all the conflicting information you get about sunshine, soil, and water. You look at the pictures others share of their thriving succulents and wonder, “Will I ever see this in my own little garden? Can my black thumb be cured?”

With Successfully Growing Succulents, you can.

Everyone can grow gorgeous succulents.
In ALL kinds of climates (even unfriendly ones!).

And even if you live in a tiny apartment.

Let me show you how.

Yes, I want thriving succulents!

Growing succulents should be easy.

After all, that’s what the Garden Center employee tells you when he hands you that pretty plant in a pot.

“Don’t give it too much sunshine. Just spray it lightly with water and you’ll be all set.”


When you come home and do just that, you end up killing your precious plant. In a matter of weeks.

*cue the thoughts about your legendary black thumb*

If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a succulent alive, here’s what I want you to know.

You aren’t alone.

And the reason isn’t that you have a black thumb or that you live in a less-than-ideal climate…

… it’s because you don’t have the right know-how.

Now I know… it’s not like you aren’t trying to get that know-how.

You’ve thumbed through, highlighted and dog-eared the books.

You’ve watched YouTube videos on repeat.

You’ve tried a million different techniques for soil, sunshine and water.

But you haven’t been able to create a solid plan to see your succulents thrive. Let alone make them look as pretty as those Pinterest pictures!

colorful succulent in a terra cotta pot

Firstly, growing succulents is tricky. What works for one may not work for the other.

Next and more importantly… There’s a LOT of information floating online and in books about growing and caring for succulents.

The truth is…

Most of that information is correct ONLY if you live in the same area as the book’s author or if you’re growing the same succulent. Slim chances of those happening!

You have to do a TON of figuring out to find the perfect approach for your succulents keeping in mind the kinds you have, the soil you use, the watering they need.

Honestly, all this “figuring out” can be frustrating and let’s not forget… expensive. After all, those plants cost money, and each time one of them dies, your dollars go into the dustbin with it.

It’s no surprise you’ve started to believe you do have a black thumb or you just can’t grow succulents in the area that you live.

unique succulents in purple pot
Here’s what you need to know…

Not all succulents are created equal.

That’s right.

Succulents, like human (or fur!) babies, are unique.

To see them thrive, you need an approach that’ll work for YOU.

That is why when you adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, your plants stretch out, get attacked by mealy bugs or worse, slowly die.

The Solution?

A simple, easy-to-use and reliable resource so you can get answers to your succulent-related questions and confidently watch your plants thrive under your care.

A confusion-free knowledge base so you can create a succulent care routine that works wonderfully for you and your environment.

Get ALL of this and MORE with…

Successfully Growing Succulents

Created after loads of research, experimentation and a fair bit of failure, Successfully Growing Succulents is a robust, readily adapted one-stop shop for all your succulent knowledge needs.

If you want to grow plants successfully and prove to yourself that you don’t have a black thumb…

Or you want to learn how to grow succulents so you can start a home-based business…

Or you want to give your succulents some extra TLC…

Successfully Growing Succulents (SGS) is the ONLY resource you’ll ever need.


Because it goes waaay beyond a book ever can with its engaging video lessons and PDFs. Plus, and “ask the teacher” section where you get help identifying your succulents and diagnosing problems.

Sedum nussbaumerianum and Crassula mucosa in gold pot

It digs deep into the foundations of caring for succulents so you can create a custom care plan for your babies.

Yes, with SGS, you can wave an excited bye-bye to wasting money (and time!) on techniques that did more harm than good and seeing your gorgeous little plants suffer.

It’s time for you to start enjoying growing succulents so you can not only feel super confident about your skills but you can also share them with others.

Here’s how you’ll accomplish this inside Successfully Growing Succulents:

Succulent Course Set Up for Success

In this section, you’ll start by identifying where to buy your succulents as well as what succulents to buy and what their growing requirements are.

You’ll also learn how to choose the perfect pot and plant them right. I’ll also walk you through understanding soil, light, location and temperature for your succulents.

Succulent course watering succulents

Once you’ve got your succulents set up with the right soil, location, light, temperature and in the right pot, it’s time to master one of the most confusing and challenging parts of growing succulents – watering.

You’ll learn how to water your succulents the right way.

Hint: it’s NOT with a spray bottle!

Also, you’ll learn how to identify different watering problems. You will know how to help your succulent recover from being overwatered or underwatered.

PLUS… you’ll also get an introduction to feeding your indoor and outdoor succulents with the right fertilizer.

Succulent course continuing to grow

Well, now that you know all there is about choosing succulents and planting them right as well as watering them perfectly, it’s time for you to continue to see them thrive. You’ll do this with techniques that help you deal with common succulent conditions like stretching and color change.

You’ll also know what to do when you want to get rid of those pesky bugs as well.

Growing succulents and seeing them thrive will no longer be a guessing game.

You’ll have the confidence and the knowledge you need so you can choose smartly, make informed decisions and give your succulents the care they need.

Susan Successfully Growing Succulents Review
Yes, I want thriving succulents!

Successfully Growing Succulents is PERFECT for You if:

You’re starting out with your very first succulent plant and have no idea how to keep it healthy and alive. You don’t have a big budget or a big garden but you do want to care for your succulent and possibly, add more to your collection.

You’ve been trying to grow succulents for a while but you’re struggling. Your plants die or stretch out and you don’t know how to fix this. You’ve started to wonder if it’s the climate where you live or if you lack gardening genes.

You’ve been growing succulents for a while and you’ve seen some success. Now you’d like to know more so you can help others or start a business of your own.

You want to have the confidence that comes from a deep knowledge of these wonderful plants.

You’ve been reading books about succulent care and have watched a fair amount of videos too but you still don’t have a clear plan of action to help your succulents thrive. More often than not, you end up feeling confused and overwhelmed because the information is conflicting and doesn’t answer your questions.

Ready to end the confusion and experience complete succulent care confidence?

Here’s what you get when you click the big green button:

10 Step-by-Step Video Lessons & PDFs (value: $500)

In these video lessons, you’ll discover everything you need to know right from buying succulents to choosing the perfect pot to identifying symptoms of watering problems to troubleshooting when you see stretching, color change or bugs!

You can binge watch these videos in one afternoon and start to implement right away.

Access to 4+ hours of past Q&A sessions (value: $150)

This is a knowledge goldmine! Listening to these replays will give you a-ha moments and answers to questions you may have struggled with for ages.

These are topics requested by other course members and answered by Cassidy.

New sessions happen periodically as needed.

“Ask Cassidy” support (value: $PRICELESS)

Inside the course you can upload photos of your succulents to get help identifying their exact genus and species so you know exactly what their care needs are.

And if you do run into a problem with one of your succulents (or maybe you have a question about one right now), you can upload a photo and have Cassidy diagnose what’s going on and give you a plan of attack for moving forward.

See Your Succulents Thrive Faster with These BONUSES!

BONUS: Choosing the Right Succulents eBook (value: $9.99):
This handy reference eBook will help you choose the right succulents for where you live so you don’t end up wasting money on plants that wouldn’t thrive in your environment.

BONUS: Tools and Supplies for Growing Succulents (value: $9.99):
Get an Insider-Only List of my favorite products and resources to make succulent growing easier and stress-free.

BONUS: Maintaining a Succulent Arrangement (value: $15):
Want to know how to prune a succulent arrangement? This bonus video will walk you through the steps so you know exactly how to maintain your succulent arrangement and “refresh” it to make it look great after a year or two of growth.

BONUS: Propagating Succulents Cheat Sheet (value: $4.99):
Curious about propagation? This bonus PDF will give you an easy-to-understand overview of different ways succulents propagate and how to get started.

BONUS: Stalk Your Succulents Printable Journal (value: $15):
Never worry about over watering a plant or winging it ever again with this pretty printable journal. This handy journal will help you keep track of your succulents and apply the information you’re learning in the course to you and where you live.

A TOTAL VALUE OF $704.97 but you pay ONLY $127.
A saving of 82% actually!
I’m ready to start the course!

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So… Who’s this Cassidy girl?

Cassidy Tuttle Succulents and Sunshine Blog
That’s me! Hi! I’m Cassidy Tuttle.

I fell in love with succulents 7 years ago when I was still in school and my Mom encouraged me to get some plants to deal with the crazy gray gloomy days we used to get each winter.

I started with 3 succulents on my tiny window sill but if you’re anything like me, you’d know that those 3 quickly turned into hundreds and my love for succulents turned into a full-blown obsession.

So much so, I moved away from professional photography to full-time succulent ‘addict’. 😉

But the road wasn’t easy…

I struggled during the early days because I couldn’t find solid, reliable and perfect-for-me resources to help me grow my succulents and make them thrive.

Most information, both in books and online, focuses on the perfect climate. Looking at you, Southern California!

Even though I’m the best-selling author of the Idiot’s Guides to Succulents AND the creator of the Successfully Growing Succulents course, I killed plenty of succulents in the beginning because of failed experiments and misguided advice. #truestory

However, today, I can happily share that I’ve also kept hundreds of succulents alive and thriving and I want to take the mystery out of learning how to garden successfully with succulents… for YOU.

indoor low light succulents
outdoor address planter arrangement
outdoor cold hardy succulents
You can make every succulent you buy a success.

Let me show you how.

Yes, I want thriving succulents!

The 60-Day “See Your Succulents Thrive” Money Back Guarantee

You have NOTHING to worry about when you choose Successfully Growing Succulents because your purchase is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re on the fence about this program being perfect for your succulent babies, I urge you to take me up on this offer.

Go through the program, email me to get answers to your specific succulent-related questions and if at the end of 60 days, you don’t feel this is the only program you need to see your succulents not only survive but also thrive, email me and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Yes, I want thriving succulents!

“Is this worth the money?”

(Answers to this and other questions you may be thinking)

Great question! You can definitely figure things out on your own but if you’re tired of winging it and taking a hit-and-miss approach with your succulents, this course is what you need.

It’s designed to help those in less than ideal climates learn how to help succulents adapt to where they are growing.

Not only do you get thorough, reliable and easy-to-follow information in one place, you also get to ask Cassidy questions to help diagnose what’s going on with your specific plants.

That’s perfectly okay… Using this online course is as easy as emailing or watching a video online.

In fact, when you sign up, I’ll send you an email walking you through the exact steps you need to take to access your course and if you get stuck at any time, simply email us and we’ll jump to help you out.

Nope. You only pay once and get lifetime access. This is NOT a monthly subscription service. How cool is that?!

I’m sorry to hear that but honestly, you’re not alone. The reason you’ve been unsuccessful is not because you have a brown or black thumb. It’s because you didn’t have the right know-how. Once you’re in the course and armed with the right knowledge and expertise, growing succulents will be as easy as breathing!

Yes! The reason I created this course was because I couldn’t find tips and techniques that suited the areas I lived in. My goal is for you to have a thriving succulent garden regardless of where you live.

Good question! For starters, none of the books have an interactive element to them. Can you send photos to the authors to get their help with diagnosing problems and identification? Not really.

Not only that, most books focus on the region that the author is familiar with.

Successfully Growing Succulents, instead, focuses on empowering you with the essential principles of succulent care so you can grow them with complete confidence, irrespective of location, size of garden or type of succulent.

The beauty of this online course is that no one gets left behind with the Successfully Growing Succulents course. You have LIFETIME access which means you go at your own pace, you can listen to lessons over and over again and you finish when you can.

There are no grades, no falling behind and definitely no one feeling lost or overwhelmed. Yes, this isn’t going to be a nightmarish replay of what high school or even junior year of college was like. Phew!

You don’t have to worry about checking your mailbox every day because the course is entirely online 🙂

I’ll feel awfully sad about it but I understand and that’s why you have a FULL 60 DAYS to give the content in SGS a solid spin and see how it can help you to have a thriving succulent garden. If at the end of 60 days, you feel this isn’t perfect for you, email us and we’ll refund your money.

Sure thing! Email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions.

I’m ready to start!

Picture this…

You wake up in the morning, putter into the kitchen and get the coffee going.

While you wait for the coffee machine to do its magic, you walk over to your window sill where your String of Pearls and Hens and Chicks are placed.

You’re delighted to see them thriving and happy. You were so worried when you got them as a gift because you’d never grown anything and now… seeing these plants grow and look happy and gorgeous fills you with both confidence and joy

You take a quick picture and share it with your succulent-loving friends.

(Like some of these from current SGS students)

Successfully Growing Succulents Student Examples

Within seconds, they’re messaging you back wanting to know YOUR secrets. They want to know how your succulents look so stunning.

It’s finally happened…

You’ve gone from being a novice at gardening to becoming an expert your friends  trust with growing succulents successfully.

Terry Successfully Growing Succulents Review
Melanie Successfully Growing Succulents Review
Katie Successfully Growing Succulents Review

Still reading? Here’s what I want you to know…

Whether you want to grow succulents because they Zen you out when life gets crazy…

or because you’re obsessed with these beauties and want to know as much as you can about them…

or because you want a hobby (other than golf!) that gets you outdoors, the fact is Successfully Growing Succulents will help you do ALL of this and then some.

You’ll never feel alone (and dreadfully overwhelmed!) when trying to figure out why your beautiful Echeveria or Aloe aren’t thriving.

Echeveria agavoides in a wood planter

You’ll never get frustrated with a ‘wing-it’ approach towards your succulent garden.

And most importantly… you’ll never think you have a black thumb again!

Join me (and hundreds of others) on this exciting and eye-opening journey where you can go from struggling with succulents to being a succulent savior!

I’m ready to start!