No more endless Google searching or scrolling through Pinterest and forums to get answers to your questions.

Succulents happily made their way into my life 8 years ago. Those 8 years have been full of trial and error, as well as extensive research, personal frustrations, and challenges.

But today, I am confidently growing succulents, indoors and out. I love the beauty and happiness they add to my life.

I’ve taken all the lessons I’ve learned and put them together in one easy-to-understand course that is going to help you whether you’re an expert gardener or just getting started.

deep purple sempervivums

You don’t have to spend years figuring this out on your own.

In fact, with the help of the Successfully Growing Succulents course, hundreds of other succulent lovers have gained confidence, excitement, and success with their own succulents.

The Successfully Growing Succulents course is packed with info to help you with your succulents. Cassidy does an awesome job and she is easy to understand.

The price has worked out to be well worth it with the info obtained. I am now having much better luck with succulents. Very few losses. You will be so glad that you bought the course!

Rosemary Syverson

I really appreciate the breadth of information Cassidy shares. There is so much misinformation online (look no further than Pinterest for all of the ways to use and abuse succulents!) that it’s nice to have one really good resource to turn to.

I felt much more knowledgeable and confident after taking the class and would highly recommend it. I got more out of the class than I have out of all of the books and blogs I’ve read and the format worked really well for my learning style.


Growing succulents is like a puzzle. Except most people only have 1 or 2 pieces.

Without all the pieces, you'll end up wasting hundreds of dollars on succulents that only live a couple of months, and haphazardly trying new techniques only to have your succulents die again.

The Successfully Growing Succulents course brings the entire puzzle together and puts everything in order so you build the perfect system and schedule for your plants in your climate, giving you the confidence and skill you need to keep your succulents alive and thriving for years to come.

That’s exactly what happened for Mei in Perth, Australia (on the complete opposite side of the world from me):

And she’s not the only one either. Each of these students below completely transformed their gardens from barely hanging on to thriving and multiplying after implementing what they learned in the course.

I would highly recommend Successfully Growing Succulents to anyone interested in succulents. Cassidy’s information and method of teaching is amazing.

She teaches on a level that a novice can understand but does not talk down to those that have been around a while. Her course teaches everything a person needs to know about succulents. She loves what she is doing and it shows in everything she does.

She has a great personality and a way of making everyone she comes in contact with see her sunshine.

Linda Belknap

I am so glad that I signed up for this course. I immediately learned a better way to plant succulents in arrangements. I find that the video makes it easier to learn and I have the video playing as I’m working with the plants. All the different topics in one place saves time and money. Succulents really do best when you know how to water them, get the light right and create beautiful designs. Thanks Cassidy!!

Celeste Yakawonis

Cassidy Tuttle, founder of Succulents and Sunshine, is an amazing source of information. She is down to earth and shares her struggles and her triumphs of growing succulents. We learn from her experiences. Her recommendations of places to buy plants, planting mix, etc. are great. They are definitely tried and true. But watch out, you will be hooked on succulents!!!

Kay Walton

Cassidy is not only knowledgeable but also very warm and endearing. This is not just a site for beginners or those with a few succulents, I have been doing this thing for years and have hundreds of succulents, and I still learn things from Cassidy constantly.

Kitty L.

I am beyond thrilled I took this course. It was very well done. Cassidy has thoroughly answered my questions. I feel like this is a great tool and resource to have in my back pocket!

Melanie Greenfield

The Ultimate Resource for Growing Succulents — Succulents seem like the perfect “low maintenance” plants, but there is much more involved in keeping them than just putting a pot on a windowsill and watering once in a while. After killing a beautiful Jade “Money Tree” given to me by my grandmother, I abstained from plants for several decades. Now, in retirement, I’m trying again. In looking for resources I discovered Cassidy and Successfully Growing Succulents. Her free videos made me realize how much I didn’t know, so I went all-in on the course. I’ve gotten great value for the price. If you are serious about succulents this is the resource you want.

Jim Stutsman

The course is easy and has very helpful solutions for growing succulents. My succulents have improved and I am thankful for information I obtained. If you are interested in pursuing succulents, I highly recommended this course.


This course has helped me in every way: watering, potting, light. You name it. The only experience I had had with succulents was a disaster when I’m sure that I watered them to death. I gave up. Then my sister gave me a small arrangement and not wanting a repeat performance I started looking for help online. That’s when I found Cassidy’s Successfully Growing Succulents course and not only have I managed to save my gift from almost certain death, but I have built a small collection of plant babies that I love.

Norma Bybee

Before taking Successfully Growing Succulents I thought I had a black thumb! Everyone says “succulents are the easiest plants to keep alive” and I couldn’t understand why mine kept dying! Once I started the course everything started to make sense! Cassidy gets down into the details and not only tells you what to do but she tells you why it works. Having completed the course I can honestly say I feel confident in my succulent growing skills and have even been able to keep one alive in a non-draining container! If you want to grow beautiful thriving succulents and can’t seem to get it right, then this is the course for you!

Lauren Weinberg

Didn’t have a clue about any of this, but NOW I do. They are very healthy and I hope to keep them that way.

Don Goodman

I’m definitely better at NOT over watering… which was my biggest struggle…thanks to Cassidy and all the great info!

Shelly Scherbarth

I was given my first succulent in December 2019. I did some online research, found Succulents and Sunshine, and signed up for the Successfully Growing Succulents course. It’s now mid-April 2020, we’re in pandemic lockdown, and I have a small indoor succulent garden in Connecticut and am even successfully propagating five new baby plants from leaves! It’s a fun new world, and I have Cassidy and the Successfully Growing Succulents course to thank for my new hobby!

Stacey Greenberg

I rescued a jade plant from a friend two years ago. It was dry and leggy and almost dead. It is now healthy and beautiful, but I refuse to give it back to her!

Andrea Witt

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Wow! Did I ever learn a lot from these videos. I used to think I was the “Succulent Queen”. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your series.

Susan Levitt

This course saved me so much money and inspired me to keep trying. I have never had a green thumb but Cassidy and this course make me look like I do! People now ask me for advice about succulents. I tell them I can help today but Cassidy’s knowledge will feed you for a lifetime.

Rose Eshe

Once you join the Successfully Growing Succulents course, you'll get instant access to 12 video tutorials (each about 10-20 minutes long) and downloadable PDFs.

That means you can start learning immediately. Binge-watch all the videos like your favorite Netflix show, or take them one at a time.

The course is entirely online and you get lifetime access to the material.

Inside the course you’ll learn:

  • What types of succulents will flourish and thrive without you constantly babying them
  • The best size of succulents to buy, depending on whether you’re looking for the most value for the price or whether you want something low maintenance from the get-go
  • Things to look for when buying succulents locally so you don’t end up with an already dying succulent
  • Where to buy some of those rare and colorful succulents you keep seeing on Pinterest and Instagram (because you’ll actually be able to keep them alive now)
  • What to do right after you get your succulents home to ensure they stay healthy
  • How to use a pot without a drainage hole but still manage to keep your succulent from rotting
  • Which pot materials are best for succulents, especially if you’re just starting out
  • Why adding rocks to the bottom of your pot DOES NOT “add drainage”
  • Which size of pot your succulents should be planted in so they grow larger faster
  • What “well-draining soil” actually looks like (and see a side-by-side example of why it’s so much better for your succulents)
  • The best way to plant your succulents so they don’t die in the gorgeous new pot you just bought for them
  • Why you shouldn’t water your succulent after repotting (and how long to wait)
  • Super helpful techniques to plant cacti so your hands don’t look like a porcupine afterward (ouch!)
  • How to determine the locations in your yard or home where your succulent will be the happiest
  • How to “stress” your succulent to keep it colorful without killing it
  • What temperatures will turn your succulents to mush (both too hot and too cold)
  • Why “pot feet” may be the best thing that ever happened to your outdoor, potted succulents

And if that weren't enough... it also covers:

  • Ways to tell if your soil has dried out completely so you don’t drown your succulent to death
  • Crucial elements to determine the perfect watering schedule for your succulents so they’ll grow quickly but not rot or shrivel up and die
  • What the first signs of overwatering are so you can quickly correct the problem to save your succulent
  • The early signs of too little water so you can quench your succulent's thirst
  • An unusual fertilizer that will make your succulents grow bigger and better
  • How to handle your succulent during any awkward phases of stretching, color change, and blooming
  • Ways to eliminate pesky bugs and keep them from devouring your succulents
  • Everything you need to know about grow lights – even if you think you don’t need them

Get immediate and lifetime access to the course for

Just $127

The Successfully Growing Succulents course is backed by our “See Your Succulent Thrive” guarantee.

If for any reason you decide the course isn't for you, or you haven't learned anything (though I'm confident you will…), just send an email to and we'll issue a refund.

Wondering what the course looks like?

Get a sneak peek inside the course here:

Here's what a few of our happy students have to say:

Linda Henning
Jen Nicoletti

Ready to join Linda and Jen and help your succulents look amazing?

I am so impressed with how you’ve unknowingly answered my most perplexing succulent questions. General information is great, but what about each variety? Which ones can handle growing indoors? Which one pair best together for arrangements? Which ones have similar watering needs? Can they survive Texas heat? Your course is one of the first to feel like a true interactive experience for someone who didn’t grow up with the internet and is frankly resistant to all the “busy-ness” of it. You are an inspiration and relief. Thank you!

Christina Van Pelt

This is truly a one stop site where everything is covered from beginning to end and everything in between. The host, Cassidy, is really laid back and gives honest talk about what works and how to recognize a problem. I would recommend anyone new or old to the hobby check this course out. You will learn loads of stuff you maybe haven’t thought about in a while, in any case, you deserve to treat yourself every now and then. 🙂

Pamela Willis

The content of the succulents and sunshine course is unbelievably helpful . It seems like everything possible is covered.


Excellent experience overall! The training is easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend her program!

Maribel Jimenez

Now that my husband and I are retired and traveling more often and for more days per trip, the “regular” houseplants I had were not happy. I thought cacti and succulents might be just the ticket, but knew next to nothing about their care. Successfully Growing Succulents to the rescue! Without a huge investment of my time — and in the comfort of my own home — I learned so much: where to purchase them, how to plant them, how to care for them, etc. etc. etc. Thank you for the course! It was such a pleasure to take and easy to use as a reference later. And it truly rescued me from my “houseplant dilemma.”

Jane Moore

Succulents and Sunshine is a knowledgeable and “giving” company. I can honestly say they were a great help to a newcomer. I knew nothing about watering, soils, or anything else. Cassidy is a gem. I’m glad I found her.

Judy N.

This is a really good program to learn about growing succulents Highly recommended. Thank you Cassidy for all you do to help others.

Brenda McGuire

Being a beginner in the Succulent world, I’m happy to have purchased the Succulent & Sunshine course taught by Cassidy Tuttle. I feel more comfortable and confident that I can start a successful succulent journey.

Donna Davis

I’m so pleased with all the course material and PDFs! It has made learning about these wonderful plants A real pleasure. I have become a bit obsessed and have added a few more plants. Many thanks Cassidy!

Dale Waller

I really loved your course. THANK YOU. I recommend the course to everyone.

Laura Fish

My goal is really to help you enjoy growing succulents and to make it as stress-free and simple as possible. While many books are geared toward growing succulents in the "perfect" climate...

I've found that like myself, most people live in a challenging environment for succulents. But inside the course, I show you how to help your succulents to adapt to your home and garden.

Join the Successfully Growing Succulents course today so your succulents will stop dying and look amazing.

Just $127

If you still have some questions... here are some answers that should help:

When does the course start?

Immediately! As you saw in the video above, all the course material is ready for you to watch at any time. You can start as soon as you click the buy button and complete your order.

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever 🙂 You get lifetime access to the course so you can go back and watch (and re-watch) them any time you'd like. You're also able to download the videos and PDFs to save them to your phone or computer if you want to watch them offline.

What format is the course?

The course consists of 12 video lessons, each about 10 – 20 minutes long.

You’ll also have the option to download an overview of each lesson as a PDF. There are a few other reference PDFs you can download as well.

What if I don't like the course or don't learn anything?

While I’m confident you’ll enjoy the course and learn from it, I also understand it’s not the right fit for everyone.

If at any time you decide the course isn’t for you, just send an email to and we’ll issue a full refund (minus the costs of the succulents you received).

I live outside the United States. Can I still join the course?

Absolutely! The great thing about this online course is the principles covered will work anywhere in the world. If you missed it, be sure to watch Mei's video toward the top of the page. She's growing succulents in Australia and found the course to be very helpful.

Does the course have closed captioning?

Yes! All videos in the course have closed captioning. So if you have a hearing impairment or just want to read along as you watch, you can absolutely do that.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about the course, feel free to email and ask away!

If not, go ahead and join the Successfully Growing Succulents Course with 12 value-packed lessons, 10-20 minutes each to help you build the perfect system to keep your succulents alive and thriving.

Just $127