See what new growth from succulent leaf propagation looks like! These tiny little plants are so amazing!

I wanted to show you how much the succulent cuttings I started just two weeks ago have grown! I’m super excited they grew so quickly. They took longer the first time because it was colder.

These I will be keeping in for a few more weeks (maybe even until the end of the summer) so they don’t die on me. You’ll notice some of them rotted and others shriveled up and died. That is completely normal.

I’ve now sorted them so that the growing leaves are in one bread pan, those that look healthy but haven’t grown yet are in another, and the black ones are in the garbage. I didn’t notice a difference between the cuttings that had honey on them and the ones that didn’t. I don’t think I’ll end up using it again but it was worth a shot!

Propagate succulent leaves in a bread pan

Aren’t the bright pink roots awesome?

New healthy roots on a propagated succulent leaf




Healthy pink roots on a succulent propagated from a leaf