Winter Paradise – Arizona’s Most Beautiful Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona shows local residents and visitors from around the world how beautiful the desert can be. Most people think of desert landscaping as mostly rock with a few cacti here and there. Granted, that's what most of the desert looks like. But that doesn't mean you can't create a heat-friendly water-wise garden in dry climates. In the Desert Botanical Garden, you'll find a beautiful selection of plants and may even get to see some wildlife as you stroll through the lushly planted landscape.

Unusual and Wacky

myrtillocactus geometrizans forma cristata dinosaur back cactus crested blue candlePin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Unusual and weird succulents seem to show up a lot in the desert, including crested succulents like this Dinosaur Back Cactus. You'll also find tiny cactus with gigantic flowers and huge cactus with tiny flowers. Not to mention large cactus with holes bored into them for animals to stay protected. You'll never be disappointed with a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Agave Fields

field of victoria agavePin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Cacti aren't the only succulents that thrive in the desert. You'll also see a lot of Agave species as well. These Queen Victoria Agave provide a unique look and texture to the garden with their striking white lines on each leaf.

Overflowing Planters

magenta wall with potted succulents and plantsPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Throughout the garden, you'll find a number of brightly painted concrete walls that provide a stunning backdrop for potted plants. The variety of textures and bright color blooms give off a tropical vibe while remaining low maintenance.

Clusters of Cacti

cactus close together dbgPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Just because cacti are prickly and sharp doesn't mean they can't contribute to a lush garden feel. When planted closely together like you see here you'll start to appreciate the beauty of a cactus forest and notice how many different varieties are growing happily together.

A Haven for Butterflies

butterfly in the desertPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Each spring the Desert Botanical Garden has a butterfly garden setup. It's fun to see these beautiful insects up close as they enjoy the beautiful flowers of the desert. Even when the butterfly exhibit closes, you'll still see a variety of wildlife throughout the garden, especially if you arrive early in the morning.

Wild Walls

aloes agave barrel cactus mosaic tile wall elephant bushPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Blues and greens are found all throughout the landscaping at the Desert Botanical Garden. These tile walls feel like you're in an oasis surrounded by large groups of Agave and other heat loving plants.

Aloes Abound

aloes in the ground desert botanical gardenPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Aloes are another common plant you'll find growing in this sunny climate. As you can see, the palette here isn't limited to green, but stunning reds, oranges, and purples as well.

Is Your Succulent Dying? Find Out Why

rotting crassula falcata plant problems dyingPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

There are a number of reasons your succulent might not be looking great. Find out how to tell what's wrong with your succulent and how you can fix it or prevent it from happening again.

What Succulent is Best for You?

haworthiopsis fasciata zebra plant close upPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

There are thousands of succulent varieties and not all of them will grow well in your climate or may require more (or less) work that you want to put in. It's important to know how much light and water your succulent plants need to thrive so you can select the plant that's best suited for you.

Save Your Succulents and Look Like a Pro With This Watering Technique

how to water succulents properly indoors outdoorsPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

A big part of keeping succulents healthy is providing them with the right environment. You'll want to pay attention to the soil they're in, how much sunlight they're getting, and most importantly, how often you're watering them. The method and frequency of watering succulents are critical to preventing rot while encouraging lots of new growth.

Are These Weird Succulents Too Ugly To Grow In Your Garden?

Keith Taylor Avonia quinariaPin
Photo Credit: Keith Taylor.

Most people think of succulents as beautiful rosettes with thick, colorful leaves. They're tough and can withstand long periods of drought. But not all succulents are beautiful. This can be a heated discussion, but while many think these weird succulents are cool, others won't even consider buying them. Would you grow any of the ugly succulents on this list?

This article originally appeared on Succulents and Sunshine.