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Hi there and thanks for all the succulent-tastic content! My collection has been in the house in South-facing window shelves for about 2 1/2 months now. Everything has been very happy except for 2 things:

  1. My Woolly Rose and Kalanchoe have been making aerial roots despite the dry conditions of my house and only watering once a week
  2. My Burro’s Tail has shed about a dozen pale, shriveled leaves but looks otherwise happy (even growing little baby burros from healthy fallen leaves). I have no idea if this is because of over-watering (still?!) or if it’s under-watering.  Thanks so much!


It sounds to me like you are doing a great job at paying attention to your plants and using their signs/symptoms to determine what they need! The extra good news is it sounds like you are under watering.

Determining if a succulent is over watered or under watered is something I go over very in depth (with several examples) in my course, Successfully Growing Succulents. I show you various stages of over and under watering on several different succulents so you can get a feel for what yours are telling you. Within the course you can also submit photos of your succulents for me to diagnose for you if you still aren’t sure!

As I mentioned above, it sounds like your succulents are just slightly under watered. I would try increasing the watering frequency slightly, maybe water every 6 days if you’ve been doing every 7. You won’t see a change immediately, but after 2-3 weeks and they should perk up a bit, minimizing the aerial roots and dropping leaves.

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