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I know you answered this in your watering without drainage holes post, but I didn’t quite understand it and I just need further explanation on a particular portion of it. I am wanting to use glass for one of my pots, and you had mentioned that you like to use pumice. Do you only use pumice for glass containers?


Great question! Pumice works well in soil recipes, because it generally has a large particle size, and this helps the soil to drain quickly, which is important for your succulent’s health.

I prefer to use pumice in glass terrariums and pots because it looks clean and simple. Use whatever looks best for the project you are working on! Just remember to keep the particle size large, about 1/4″ (6 mm).

I’ve done glass arrangements exclusively with pumice, but I’ve also done some with layers of pumice, crushed granite and a variety of other materials.

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